Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stucked somewhere

Abhishek says to me that , he is stucked somewhere from last couple of births in one place and is looking for some kind of help to break through it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Across the river

My sister is somewhere in home or in neighbor doing her home work and my mom is gone somewhere , i am alone in Purnia, so i go out for a walk. So after crossing a river i saw prashant and mom , i thought that today i will go bankrupt for sure and then prashant who was with my uncle asked me if i have balanced in my account in my mobile , he want to talk to jajji nana , i said yes i have and he said OK lets meet then , i was in the top and he was on the other side of the river.Saw this bike there and i start moving the clutch , he was a noob and his motorcycle, stopped. I said sorry boss , he told me to give him the demo, so i started starting the bike , his gear was unusual but i thought that i will handle it.

When we need the stuff we need to get out and use it. Have decided to bring up the old cd's and music records this time for sale.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Watch your behaviour

Have got opportunity to pull out people of 50 to tribe and behave good to them, that why evening of the event , hoy manger chance share i could have watched my should treat them nicely rather then getting in mechanically.

Then decided to all the place one by one and do something.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dont lie to yourself

In a place with this girl who is clamming that she is a temple savika who look after temples and help people at special occasions , but in reality she was not. I hanged with her and there was some lie which i said about myself as well.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Lost in a castle

Manish Rakesh me have headed toward the place unknown to us so we are excited , mean while we encountered avdesh meena and 2 more iitd guys . While talking meena said that he is gay now. I was a bit surprised , but did not say that i am surprised. We asked the people there that what is the short cut way to return to the place , one pan wala told us that the longest root is 32 km but the shortest is 3 km , and we decided to explore the shortest path while returning.Well reached that place and we start exploring the place. so after a while we sat at one place , i was damn hungry , rakes said if we are hungry will eat , i shouted that i am dead hungary , please order something. and gave my look to manish to order something. So after having something and after smoking we started exploring the place , me and manish were together , and manish was telling me story about this chines names some system where they chant some name in order to evoke the ghost. So anyways , we entered in the castle , i was alone this time but there was many places to look and visit , i started walking in one part , and soon i realized that i am lost somewhere. I tried to get out of the trap , the more i tried the more i was puzzled . Tried for 6-10 mins but had no idea how to get out of the place. Every area and room have some unknown people inside whom i have never seen and i don't known what they were there . After a while i was out , and sat in one place , felt like smoking so i took a rick and went to the near by market , saw Animesh khan also wanted to work in the plae where i have the job , so he is taking advice from the senior that what to do and he is getting advice that just apply uou can get the job here.

So this driver dropped me the place i want and when asked how much is the amount he told me expected amount plus ten rupees. I started arguing that why asking so much , it never happen till now , this much amount and i am not paying what so ever , people start gathering and when one of the guy saw the receipt he said that just pay the usual amount he can handle this guy who is charging extra ten rupees.

When i went back to the place where party was going on saw that the all the people i saw in the inside room , they are featured in the movie which are been shown in the out side corridor , people seems to be enjoying the movie which is been channelized. Saw Nilkhil all sudden so went to greet him , then i saw one of my common friend girl there , went there and kicked in her ass. When i saw clearly she was not the one , i kicked some other girl .... she did not seem to be bother with my action and was headed toward someone , his friend was there ... i said ti Nikhil that hey man i kicked your friend , did not realized she was not the girl thought it was someone else , he smiled an said nothing. I went after that girl to apologize , she seem to be cool but did not said anything , i went after her saying i am really sorry did not knew it was you , thought it was someone else , my friend. So when i was following and saying this thing again and again , met my other IIT friend he gave me something to eat , i ate what h e gave me and i heard toward the cigarette shop to buy one.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Friction for ticket

Me lakshika dad and few others going office by the motorcycle , so since this is the first day , we are late at office. The bus stand where i caught the bus said the return ticket will be 3 time the normal ticket amount or it will be available after 4-5 days .So anyways there is this huge friction for the ticket and also the police are not supporting for it. When i came back at home , there is nothing to eat.

Now the other day we started our journey to office so when we are about to reach we forgot the path and end up going somewhere where there is no population and the ground is wet. when we stopped our jeep then we saw that the police car is following us with the policeman in it who have rifles pointing at us , i get furious that why you guys are behind us. Then i started shouting at them and abusing them. This was a long shouting process when we were shouting at each other for a long time.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Future predictor

Working as a collective professor of the science of law of accidental movement , i see what is going to happen after xyz times and also see how the future shape ups .... and i am amuse what i saw.

Predicting the future events is with the help of fifth events method.

Fun breathe

21 Dec 2010

People registering in the website as per they wanted to play a game where they can breathe also from the nose , as it is fun and healthy , i wasn't sure its fun but this is not what people think.

Chances of me meeting Namrata is diminished, as per the statistics calculations.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cooking first time

Nice guy who is cooking many things plus kachowri ,and food. So my parents are helping me making food. I have done others thing good and i am hoping that this goes well so that my first cook goes really really well. I made the food 3/4 percentage and in the end my dad tested that my food is okie or not , it was good, And we had it.

My place where are are meeting for an event so i have to arrange everything for the people who all are coming.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Development in the village

Wedding planner , when it came to our own house we lost it totally. Don't know to whom should i go with.

Huge development in my native village , and i am happy about it that there is road , electricity in my village . People are making new houses there and people are telling each other stories about who is making how many room's there.

Far away from my village there is another village. There i went and am confused how to come back , because there are fancy vehicles all around.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Work as a team

With my colleagues , have to go some place where i have to stay there and part up with some one , make a team and perform the task they give us there and have fun, Now the place i went , saw Bhavna there and funny she asked me if i can be his partner.I said i could if i could. So any ways , i was involve into this and the game but then one day when i was sleeping just there in the window i heard that my mom came there searching me.

Similar gang , this time i hooked up with the small girls whom i am teaching how to operate the computer , laptop thinks that this is more of a soft porn movie .... but it is fun.

We are there in Kundalia's party and we are meeting couple of people there , mostly the hostel people. Wanted to meet shivalik and gang but was not able to meet them. People there are busy meeting and doing some planting for the nature which was good.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Live freely

Small stories of people around sharing how one story exchanged their life. A 17 year old girls pertaining at church is actually a 93 year old lady and so on ..idea being that the fearfulness and strength gives you are reason to live your life,.

In office we are working and at the end we are having a meeting were we have to decide something,

I have an auto which i use for transport , so taking this i went to the office and came back with this , so this one day i am very late , so at 1:20 am i am somewhere near my home and it stops and then i send my body , some hierarchy as well.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random kicks

In a building where we are playing football , not playing football but kicking it here and there So we broke many piece of glasses and all. Moving to the new office and saying to ourselves that we are not playing football there this time.

TV story

13th Dec 2010

Series of the episode where it ends with the main character male alone , where as earlier it use to end up with male and female character.A TV serial where the story revolves around 2 friends and their lives how they bump into random people and how good the bonds are between these two people.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Searching place to live

Place we are looking for the new room , so we saw couple of places and were suppose to decide where we are going to stay , among two room which we saw we have to decide. Rooms were okiesh but in one room , the land lord was a bit noisy and have so many rules there. so we were thinking that will not shift there , although we might not get the facilities which are there and not in the other room.

With mansih vinod and two more people , we are in the very new place with couple of teachers , here we are suppose to learn some lesson for our ordinary class. Vinod is happy because he never get chance like this. Then there was this huge photo clicking session , who should be have a photo session with whom. I was not enjoying all this sessions .

With Rakesh we are ready to go for a movie in which this song is there : koi sagar dil ko bahlata nahin plus there will be drinks as well.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Asked this girl "can i buy you a coffee ?"

Thing is , going to pub with family where the ritual of 'How many percentage of alcohol's are there in this break 'will rule absolutely. Expect 2-3 alcohols i hardly know what is the percentage of the alcohol there in the drink.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sandal and vortex

Kaustub is there with us in a meeting , and there are some domain which is been taken by people. Kaustub's sister has taken some domain name which is very cool , so the milk man said to him , if your sis were here he would have proposed her.

It is Raviji's class and we have to be there at certain time . me with Harish are there but for some reason / work we might miss the introduction class , but at the same time i want to see which all people are coming and what is happening.

The girls when i allowed affectioned is sticking with us now , when she asked what about the water then i said that there is no water and its a crisis now.I said its the way it happens. I said the universe what it to happen like this ,.

I am wearing the suit but the thing is i did not know that this is going to be happen.

By certain practice we can change our mood accordingly , so the idea is to utter the new thing which you want to happen wish deeply , and then something will start happening? At least this is what i see and wish to see more in this domain.

We are suppose to go to Pune and there are some preparation done before we actually go there , so there was this church and place where people live. So we went to church mass , after a while when the mass was over we all came out , but later i realized that my sandals are missing , met Harish and one other guy , we talked about the Pune and said yes that we are all going. There was some test sort of something , when we are done with it , Harish said that there is some issue and he might not able to come. Outside i met some people they were talking about how coming to mass and picking some extra work might help someone's career and said that people are mostly lazy and they make excuses for not working. Then i started searching my sandals , went back to the chapel where with me other people were also searching the sandals and shoes. Met there with Harish , he gave me a question to solver before i go to Pune , it was a motion of a particle in a vortex , with the motion of full eclipse many time , i thought i might have to take any point of the vortex , the mass and displacement of the point and integrate it through the start and end. It was tough one and i thought that its a good test. Then i start looking below the huge table where people sit and found that there are hell lot of sandals and shoes , dragged them outside , all and now i have my sandal .

[ So thee excuse i always make to not to work , buffers ?? ]

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do your duty properly

Went to movie and also have said to Gajendra that i am going to book the tickets , went there and in the queue , no one is there ... after some time the ticket counter came , when asked about the ticket he said that it is sold , so i took a ticket of a movie which i thought is same , but later when i was watching it myself it is the same movie which i have watched earlier , when call Gajendra that are you coming , he said he will and did not turned up , i thank god that he did not , because this is the old movie which we have already saw.

Embarrassed to the core for not doing the duty properly.

There is this huge maha rally of congress , hell lot of people are gathering for obvious reason. I have decided to come for just his one. On the occasion of this event , i have thought that i will be coming to the venue at 3 hours earlier so that i can see all the drama happening thre. I came to venue for some other reason and saw that crowd is way too crowded and its 7 hours earlier and its already packed , i decided to push here earlier. Rahul gandhi is speech and his voice is low , after few minutes his voice become ok and his jokes people are not able to understand , also there is sonia gandhi with kids , she took charge after a while. This guys is writing a letter to his sister with a huge packet and also in the letter has ashed her to suit up.

Shinking and flying ship

8th Dec 2010

New series started and people want my new stories and this is how my new series is gonna start.Removing the unwanted one are will full of super hot stuff.

There is a big party in my native place kajora , many guests are invited and there are people moving here and there. There also is my friend who have a ship with him plus he knows some secret about the ship i.e. how to handle it properly. Then i met Atul he told me he had a good lunch but now his stomach is paining because after lunch he ate five eggs , which he found behind the buses. I said that you should not eat anything after lunch , not even eggs. I asked him to drink water and go to bathroom. Then came Rashmi and gang , they were going back immediately , so said that they will meet later as they are coming next day any ways. Then one girl start doing 'doboa-johar' is very different way , we saw and enjoyed. At evening this captain guy start playing with the ship. He use to life the floor of the ship and as well as push it to the under ground. It was fun. Singers then started singing and we all enjoyed that part.

Two team playing football , one team scored and players starts celebrating , so one player start bleeding from his nose somehow and it goes worse.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fly high and kiss the ground

Me trolling with my brother , we sitting at cafe and having tea . breakfast ... then all sudden i saw Shweta Singh passing by .... by pulling her hair i asked , hey lady ... where are you heading ? She said she is going somewhere and she is fine and life is good. I try to introduced him to my brother , but my bro said that he know Shweta and they know each other well. I did not recall when they met and how they know each other , did not asked how they know each other.

Huge chaos , everyone splitting and fighting. , so then someone started flying in the sky , in the same line , i followed him , and in the same path i jumped and woo hooo was in sky flying , so then my brother followed me , and we were flying up in the sky , i said to my brother , its only we left in the fight ... so its between us now. After couple of second when we have full confidence that we are flying , we both were down to the ground. I has gone through this so was cool , but my brother seem to be frightened. I said don't worry it happen , this is your first time so that is OK.

Met Sid and Laptop and Animesh Khan when i was going outside , asked how they are , Sid was a bit in hurry. Laptop told me that his business was going great and he has taken some break and is here with the theater company they ... showing some shows ans they did this in Chandigar and now doing here . and said that i don't come Delhi and not visit them. i smiled.

Satish sir in a meeting said , so how many of them are coming for volunteer , as there are many people in the list but now no one seems to have time for all this , i saw that i am not sure that i will be able to come or not as i give my first time priority to the group , and then i saw my reaction inside saying i told you not to mix two paths.

People doing experiment with dreaming for being in the same family , Patle was doing this , we born in the same family but was not brothers.

Lakshika me and few other people met in the meeting , tere is this new kid attending the meeting , but he don't come up for the sitting and actual process we just meet him in his way , then one day Lakshika said that today after the meeting we will do the one hour reading , i said i am not sure.

[ Conflict of mixing of two path still haunts me. ]

Monday, December 6, 2010

Debt to pay

How boring it is if someone comes to you and feed you with this hyper romantic super romantic stories which you font wanted to listen since 16.

Its the root i was passing through ?!

I am running from some people who have given me huge amount of money to get out from the tragic situation , i was almost trapped in a jungle and these guys helped me out of the situation. I have to give them back their money , but some how when i was giving back the money , one of my cousin saw this happening and i took my money back from them. Now i have spend the money somewhere else and hence his guilt in me , to never able to show them face because of this event. constant guilt with which i am living.

With sumit and taking the new bed sheets and cover from the shop keeper and they are doing the printing job in front of us and we are selecting which one to pick. and there when we were doing all this the shop keeper asked my dad , kya karta hai aapka ladka ? Dad : Mera beta software engineer hai , me thinking ahh no more :D

[ Something i need to pay back to something ? What exactly ?
This is the nth time i dream of paying back or duty , what it is ??

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Third object subjectivity

Back there in classes of Art of Living with new people and doing my part of the task.This seems quite natural to flow with the energy of the group and experience what they have to offer us. Then the teacher grabber one of the old student and ask him to behave the surrounding as a third object subjectivity ?!.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What time difference

Travailing with Shashank the musiclovinguy in a rain , and where we are heading i don't know ... so before getting into the train , we signed some documents and verified our address , as if we get any courage it can reach at safe place. So in the journey , we keep talking about random stuff. In one of the station he told me that a couple were having sex.Bunch of people with us , and one group of people asked us what is the time , it was 2:30 .... after 2 hour someone asked time and when i saw my watch it was 9:30 , then i was shocked how come in the span of 2 hour the time changes by 7 hour. I explained him some logic which i don't remember . Then again when i met some other guy , i said him the same cause he was dealing with the same thing. Then when me and shashanmk were sitting together he get this letter from somewhere and i said , oh wow getting letter in the train , so cool.

Byomkesh bakshi is donating his sperm and its hilarious that he is recording message in his voice and a letter who ever is going to use this sperm for baby.and have booked cab every single day for this , i am shocked for a while.

Then behind our home at Purnia , waters are coming likely a wave like it comes at the sea shore , and i am enjoying every thing of it. Wow. Munna mama is there is Purnia , taking care of my grand father and grand maa ..... almost every day he drop them from home to hospital too see them.

A naughty guy throwing object on me with anger and i dint say anything ... he looked clam then.

During the journey , someone asked me my address , i knew the address but they have to write in the envelop .... i was telling buyno one was willing yo wtoiyr.

[The other day i was talking about time with Harish and not reacting exercise ]

Friday, December 3, 2010

Trapped inside the experiment

The fewer of el clasico is still on , this is still continuous. I in my book giving a sample of code , with my upcoming book coming on. So in he one of the article i am printing something.

We are watching a movie and then the chai wala serving us tea , he restarted the movie then people started shouting then i somehow pushed the movie to the place till people saw it.

When woke up from the dream i am trying to draw what i saw in the dream , it was four image in a piece of paper. Trying hard to remember the images which i saw in my dreams and making the image.

Thmapy and co team is deciding which club type is good and the people belonging to the groups mean while i am collecting how many people belong to certain category. and in which condition i can be on paper, at any one day of the week in local news paper.

I along with bunch of people are trying some experiment , in one of the cases inside the experiment i have to help someone in critical condition and i might get trapped forever also in the game. and i might get out as well. The exact rule i also dont know.

Conversation with satish sir about my two question , when is advance course happening , he said in his place and also he can tell me where he can go for the course , when asked why its not there in website he said nothing.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stop reacting mechenically

Use to react mechanically , got this awareness that there is no point reacting it mechanically.So happy for this part of the story.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take care

Its a multi million project we are working on , so take care my friend.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Smooth silky and curvy roads

Discussing with DM , as he went away for the dinner .... i saw that i feel i am preparing / making another ashutosh rana of the movie dushman.

This huge road while i travel in it , with roads up and down , sometimes when it is up you don't see anything , just the sky .....curvy and empty road make it interesting.

This old guy came to the hospital and searching for the best surgery , also since he had been in Europe where they guarantee that they will cure him , here no one is ready a its not the culture here to promise that we will cure you. So couple of people said to the uncle guy , that sir this ritual are not been followed here and hence the mis understanding.

Monday, November 29, 2010

El Clasico

Some place where i am a pert of the robotic movement , a comics strip and a troy goes parallel. Then all sudden i saw the dani avles scene , it was the sins dani alves and all the things he does in the regular life , the slutty thing and all then saw that he is suffering for what he did in past. So in between then Dani alves was going through this suffering i started getting all the pains what he did and then when the conscious is back i see that dani is injured in el calsico but no one is taking care of him. The score till half time is 0-2 and pep is asking if he is OK.

A sequence i saw where , there is a road parallel to the sv road , some where there a new road is bing made , newly constructed. So while there is a mafia war in between two gangs and when i escape from there i hanged in the pool and somehow managed to get down , naked and then after looking for couple of auto i come to my place. Also mean while when i was sitting with someone who was about to teach me some mantra then some one said that my friend is searching me , when i looked outside it was my brother , finished the thing and met him . Asked how was the exam and he said he got 28 percent but he topped , i was confused.

Then again while chasing the super hero gang , i saw that kareena kapoor is encountering some guy , went there and she was quite and part of some thing when i saw that she is quite and friendly started touching the nipples , later on she told me the story while was in her mind and told me that it was her childish nature and said thanks god it is over.

Do something else fail

28th Nov 2010

Place new to me , living with six seven people. Call from the university that my Physics is not good and there is thick chance to pass ... Prof told me how poor i was and i have to wait for one full year in the college to complete in the college degree. Also said that if i do some task by myself then there can be done something , so i have kept these things in my mind , in evening there are people moving from one place to another and i decided that i should pick some stuff and finish it off. I am there in my room wanting to grab my stuff , act it took me time to reach there as i met so many people outside , somehow manage to reached there and that i saw that the light was not there so i have to adjust my eyes for a while to see in the room thought for a while which subject to pick and what to mug up.

[ Its been 8 days i have not yet started Sudarshan Kriya which i learned at Art of Living part I course , fear that 'i should not mix two teaching' is still bothering me , although i have set up my mind now and will give it a shot. But i went through the churning of to do not to do phase for last one week. ]

Dated : Monday , 29th Nov 2010

To see the bullet and stop it

27th Nov 2010

Running along with my cousin brother , this guy with machine gun is looking for my room. He was went to neighbor and fire there twice. We saw him and start running he saw us and fire some bullets , i escaped most of them and stopped some of them with my opposite palm , the bullets left a spot in my hand , it was not looking scary , but when i touched my palm it hurt a lot. We escaped and finally took a deep breathing that we are safe now.

[ What all anxiety i carry ? Not doing my duty ? Not remembering myself enough , not giving 100 % ???? Maybe. ]

Dated : Monday , 29th Nov 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mature kid

The entry in the table is not easy , user has to register and then play for some specific amount in order to get benefit the clubs functions.

Library has a collection of good books , so i decided to go there and find something. Harish gave me a hint that i might find something there , i found a book which i wanted from a long time , there was no librarian , so i just took it away.

Living with harish , he is in another room i am watching cartoon alone ... so now the cartoon second part is coming in TV.

With one of my friend we are with his children , we are observing people around ... he told me about his son ... that despite the fact that he is only 5 , he do behaves like an adult , shy and at the same time serious. I saw him when he went for loo outside , he went quite far , so that no one can see him and he can do the action comfortably.

Arun iyer is in our company so he need some people who can verify him , i was more then glad to help him.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Getting holidays

People are keeping track of the planets and thats why somehow manage to get the holidays together , those who are not keeping the track are not getting the holidays on time,

LKP talking with , he is information me about his job . so his burning cigarette touches my shirt and there is a small tiny hole because of that.

Shitiz bansal has announce to have trip of Sri Lanka so many started asking questions that why Sri Lanka , why put other city ??

A place were where i live and encounter a girl who is good at swimming ,She swims like a god. Its a pregnancy period and we are waiting for the baby , so after a while baby cry and we see our happy faces. and then one fine day , baby is swimming with his mom.

Shivaji comes to my place and sees me.At the same time i am have friendship with this girl XYZ , we are talking and then some other girl start staring at us like we are doing something wrong and fact being this XYZ has a a permanent boyfriend.
Also Pramila aunt was there with her kids , who were good in sports ad well as in other ares.

People get old. So i have been given something to pass, so i am picking stuff from here and there . So i came to my boss place where i am suppose to get some stuff and then i will pass on this stuff to forward.

In home what you bring from outside will be consider how much stuff you bring here from outside. more the stuff more you like the place.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Conducting experiment

Got the standard of everything , happening and said a new dimension. Waiting for hy ios ot os?

Conducting an experiment , gathering the data that what property you have , so conducting some experiment.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nature of mind

I am moving a slower then i have been asked to, My friends in that areas keep helping me in that domain in order to improve me.Idea is the more you practice the good and the better,

This new place we are in i am visiting a place alone , saw this girl there. I started flirting with her , which she also knew but said something. Then i decided to go for a movie , so i am going for the movie .... asked people the way , so someone said that this way you can reach the theater very fast , but there was water all over the place , i started waling in but realized that its getting deeper and deeper. I came back , got that girl again asked her if she wanted to join me , she agreed and we catches a train to go there.

Some one explaining that the nature of mind something changes the being , when we are clam something in us do the things properly and when this something is not there we don't do thing properly.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Place to live

Fear of not letting know that i am not coming for the meeting.

Now since i am working i have left hostel and have settled outside , so i am in new place near to the place i use to live. I got this small place where i can start living. So spending few days at the hostel i go to the place where i am suppose to shift. Mandal da is also now a graduate and have started preparing for IAS , i asked him where is he going to stay now and he said , jia sarai is the best for him in all ways. Now i shifted to my new place , with many thing s with me , the problem with the space is that it is open and the boundaries are not yet finished. SO when i shifted my all luggage there , i saw hitesh jain ? passing from there , he still lives in hostel and said to me , please dont talk to me in English and gave me a bunch of grapes , i already have huge amount of grapes with me but i took it. Now when i saw my situation i thought that the hostel place is good for me as it is safe , i should push all my stuff to there until this new place is total safe and well protected , at least to the time when there is a wall around.

In hostel fun is happening , the usual people making fun of each other in all the situation.

Left my bag

20th Nov 2010

I called up to the land lord and told them about the art of living course , then land lord start telling their friends that he might be taking the course to all the resident peoples. So this friend of mine when i meet him said that land lord have said this to him and he also think that this will be benefit to him as well.

I have this bag with me which i am carrying , and while traveling its with me. I steeped off to the borio this time and inside the bus was very crowded. I somehow was busy with the events happening and when i was getting down i forgot the bug. When i was down i realized that the bag is not with me , till that time the bus has left the stand , i started running after the bus , after few second i started shouting and one of the guy saw me shouting and he stopped the bus and started asking him his identity and driving license , till that time i was there . Went inside fetched out my bag and i was out with my bag.

Outside in an unknown place with viks , we are doing some shopping. Viks is buying something from the shop and saying he has a list what he wanted to buy today.. So when going thorough the market , we stopped in one of the store , when viks collected the stuff and asked the shop keeper to give him the stuff , the shop keeper said they are closed now , please come after some time.

A proper movie scene fight between two gangs. So this guy with whom i have to share room has a shot gun with him. Since he lost in the battle i am making fun of him and his hot gun.. Then this guy said don't threaten me , because his gun is genuine and he don't want to use his gun for bad reasons.

Old hostel momory

19th Nov 2010

Was there in sahebganj hostel , talking and discussing the events which are happening around. Then telling people that once i was in the hostel for 2 months. So its my birth day and i am going back to my home , saw that someone is dead in the way. once i cross them , met this aunt who put ash in my forehead saying , this is the festival where were you , have to taken breakfast ?

I am with viks in a completely new place. We are discussing about the things ....Viks is not much happy when i go outside without closing all th e doors and window.

I have a temporary girl friend , and we group of people are out for a shopping. I am with my girlfriend and kissing all around her .

Everything is an illusion

18th Nov 2010

Went to the picnic with friends

With Anup soren and other shivalik guys , from hostel we are going for the lunch at the canteen. Mean while Anup is telling me that Sanket ( signnal) is preparing for some exam and that is why he is dead busy with books from last six months.Was searching something else so went to some nearby market and then came back to the canteen. There food were being served.

Harish is in town , when we saw each other he said what happened to your legs marks , which was there because of some small minor accident. I said that the mark is gone , and then he replied , everything is an illusion.

Are you doing your duty properly ?

17th Nov 2010

Place where i have to judge about things which happen to me me in my regular life. My dreaming is not that regular.My , so the instruction is that i should make it regular.

Meeting with my dad and reminding me of the duty which i have to pay upon myself.. Me and my dad are walking in the place which is old and we use this path to travel in our early ages.He told me to keep doing my duty and asked me if i am getting stuck anywhere.I also felt that there was increase in my confidence when i was with him.I have to see that the new rule is applied or not when someone do some buying business. I found out that the rule is perfect and most of the people follow it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What exactly is happening ?

16th Nov 2010

Place where we have to switch , the data where we enter that how many changes are there for this manifestation. Every thing in me changes when this happens.

Got this opportunity to join the college again and do the courses again , attended few lectures , met old pals attended few lectures. then while i was going classes i asked myself , what is it all about , why taking the degree again. Then all sudden i left the college.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Exam time

15th Nov 2010

When i change places , i take everything new at new places. Goes for everything .

We have to write an exam , not much prepared for the exam , a lot dependence on the last day preparation. Went there for changing the exam date but nothing happened. Duhita is also in our group , she seem to have a very free mind. A kiss i got from her, when i am going for the first paper , paper was ok.. When going for the second paper the same thing repeated , nothing more then the kiss , it was there a gentle kiss not the passionate one. Some consideration in between that why only kiss when i wanted more then this kiss.

In home i go there some rituals are going there , i was there with other people who are dancing there in a group.So people were also taking pictures and there were also some small little kids , they were very cute. My cousins brother is trying hard from my father to get some money out of him.

Dominating one brain

14th Nov 2010

New place and new rules but old people. We arrived at some place where we do things which we are better at .. Someone pointed out that we intellectuals have no heart , this myself denied.

I am try to get more and more data about myself.

Got some other girls , do some experiment , i am bored of doing the same and same experiment.

This huge party , full of music and masti , Seinfeld character seems to enjoy this party a lot and then they dance like a bollywood maniac with thumka and all and one of the reporter wrote all this in his diary with the images and all. I thought that that reporter is me , but when i opened my eyes it was not me.It was inside the dream.

Specs using to see money inside

13th Nov 2010

We living in a small place , we have every thing in place. In library i issued couple of books and then when going to other department realizing that that everything is not well mentioned. We discussing in home which is a worth watching movie .

Got the specs which can help us seeing the money hide inside the cloths , so we are going to take advantage of that lens.

Impartial behaviour

12th Nov 2010

Mitu meeting with me mom , she is outside of hostel in snow .... said she has been there the whole day and this is like this only.

Me patle abhishek are chilling at the sea side and we are lying at the bed there , me and patle comparing the skins with each other and telling which kind of skin we possess and which kind of skin people around us had.

This guy and me are two friends we are having a single g/f now , this guy having affair with with another women , which he is dating. So one fine day he picked up this girl and took her to a restaurant and there they are just sitting and talking and meanwhile he is thinking to call the first guy and ask how to get rid of this situation as he is stuck with both the girls at a time,Mow some how he is meeting with both girls at a time .... he talking with both girls and at the same time his behavior is different with both. The girl who abused him once , he has less respect and care for her.

Good dont allow people to suffer much

11th Nov 2010

Me describing about the theory with abhishek and sanket gupta , he was telling me about this prof whom he met while interview and abhishek was saying that god dont allow people to suffer up to a max limit. As people get fainted after the threshold.

Food ate previous night : Ate egg triple , egg mixed with noodles and what not. Plus some chicken with gravy.

Chasing emotions

10th Nov 2010

Veeranka and me have prepared a skit which we have to show it to the annual gathering. But since we have not practiced enough we are not sure how good this will go.

Seniors in a hostel , giving us tips how to live and all.

Food ate previous night : Jira rice and Dal fry.

Using imagination

9th Nov 2010

Place where we are staying , with friends and all. Once have experience something so when explaining what happed i have this ability to make things which i wanted now with my imagination , for others to understand what i am trying to say.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Burning octopus smells like a chocolate

8th Nov 2010

Egg star fish / octopus, So when a star fish is wrapped in a spoon like this and is
thrown into a heat then it melts and smells like a burned chocolate which was interesting. People observing this and having fun out of it.

Dont compare

7th Nov 2010

From our hostel there are quite some place , Helifex and others. Our IIT hostel deem to be mive there. This group of people playing football and other football related fames , so there is this large slop in the tip you play with people and if someone hit the ball then it might come to the edge and then people have to come down and get the ball. I am passing triumph and so helped many people getting their balls. So this one guy who think he is better then the other guy , both came to me and i am telling them that you both have different qualities so don't bother comparing qualities.

Talking to harish while returning form market and for some reason i talked to him for 45 odd minutes. then saw that how come i can talk to harish for so long. I side a cab and thinking about it that is it for real ?

I am returning from Halifex and for some reason i have to stay in my friends place because it starts snowing , i am without jacket and because of snow i am freezing Looking for sister who help there , i wanted someone warmness... my relatives seems to be pregnant so cant hug them. So hugged this sister very tight because of the cold.

Unknown punishment

6th Nov 2010

Her sister is sick and need care , so we should take care of her.

Principle has caught 6 people for a foul and after 5-6 days all of them will get punishment , what the punishment will be no body knows. Rajesh Bharatia seems to play some ticks to get out of the mess. I am waiting for the moment to come , because i am blank what to do what not to do.

Asking my mate to make tea as we are leaving for the meeting.

Place to meditate

5th Nov 2010

Trying meditating in trees , searching best place to meditate.

Coming from church gate to boriwali , looking for the best suitable way to come. Cause the money varies , if you come by small small distance it cost you less ... so there is an exact algorithm for the best way to come. Talking about that.

Met two of my cousins they are entering a adult movie , i said don't worry about people , just go.

Two of my aunts are telling their stories to children about their past how they struggled and all.

Waiting for things to happen

4th Nov 2010

Bunch of people staying together , i have this huge respect for love. and i am waiting for this to happen as this is the ultimate thing to happen.

New job and changes

2nd Nov 2010

One firm went to this place where i have to catch train and go to that place . There is you have to get any message you see that the message with the same intensity. So usually don't get any message . But this time since i am having a girlfriend got this message and people around is happy for me.

Have got the a new job , kind of government job , with okiesh money .... but the work will not be that good and exciting ... so thinking to join the job or not.

Flying in the sky

1st Nov 2010

Flying just flying around. Instantly when i saw myself flying i thought that this is lucid dream.

Some kind of experience i am going through while meditating.

Playing game with king pk and owning him brutally , then came laptop and other and i am asking them how good the trip was , and then they started sharing what they did and all.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dream Experiment Lab

Dream experimental lab . people experimenting.Some real life data is need to insert in the big process. Realized what i know is nothing there are so many complex process in all this.

Questions and answers with Raviji about places.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Present and Now

Setting the time and z axis to now () in the equation and come to the present every time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lonely minded

Me thanking shobit and shrawan , as they caught me red handed ; i was about to take drugs , so very thankful to them . There are places / spaces when the mind feel lonely then the same minded people follow certain path , go certain places ... which drug dealers keep in mind and accordingly sell the stuff.

We are also talking about other people's past life what they did and amazing story of theirs. Random story of how people first meet and then what happen with them afterwards.

In a marriage ceremony inviting similar artist for the cold drinks.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We live here with people. First is are saroj , and others are dilip., some work is here and i am explaining to saroj how to approach the problem,Thinking about the movie we saw last night was normal.

After i am done with my usual work i spend time in discussing things.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Place to stay

Place where we live is rented. I got a single room ... so my friends came to see me and i am showing them the room. So we all are outside , roaming around.

Monday, October 25, 2010


School where they taught something me in my early ages. Even i keep on my memory for long period. Subhash da asking me to come to his place so that we can play volleyball , i am thinking that should i go there or not , i don't have much choice either. Friction between mechanical and intellectual part.

When by asked by some one what do you do there in your village , i told them my regular routine.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Take her out

We are five people working in a restaurant enjoy serving others. Mostly meet at big Christmas event.So this girl X seems very nice to my eyes. I have been recognized by a super good kisser and i feel glad spreading this disease. Once Manish was telling us his part of story that how he was dating this girl and went outside for date and how he fought with the surrounding conditions. In my turn So this one day i dated this girl ...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Film list

Film festival , watching various films with friends and foes and criticizing them.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Movie theater

This chap who is helping me reaching the movie theater i am giving him some money because he helped me finding theater. In a queue waiting for my turn for ticket , i take a ticket for a movie.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good food

Bus trip , with Pracela and his family , we have a schedule and we work accordingly
. So we have this class which we enjoy a lot.The upper side of the bus is more fun because it is more fancy there.

This guy is now in my room and we are discussing the food quality and quantity , also he is asking me if he can chat with any of my chat friends , i replied that please don't take to them as i don't much in touch with them. We are talking about how Abhishek / Dilip liked the food and he said that he will leave the food for so and so reason

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How long to sleep

I am counting how long i sleep and also try to sleep for 6 hours. With lapu i am staying somewhere , so this weekend i slept long .... when lapu came from outside he find me in bathroom.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What to do ?

Me Sid and few of my friends are in some near by places , there we are for one and half days , chilling. Sid and me feels like smoking and Sid have some stuff with him. We go this place quite quite and for some reason i come back soon and Sid wont , Sis is unconscious and he is there for the whole night. People start searching him and his parents came , they find him and now they are taking him back , they also found the stuff with him. Now the problem is what to do with the stuff. I said give it to me , despite the fact that i don't smoke that much i am agreeing to keep the stuff that too with so much of risky thing , as if i get caught then there is a police case and i a go jail for some time.
Now i have the stuff and i have to leave the place in couple of hour. Searching how to escape that too clean , thinking thinking and thinking. At the same time this huge fear and responsibility.

In between SRK comes from no where and share that when he is nervous how he cry and feel sad.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gayatri Mantra

There is this watch which was in our room , we have put this clock watch in a main big room where we meet and spend most of our time.

Abhishek showing me 1 BHK room and telling me that this is it , and i am commenting how the rooms are. Also making the tea with listening the 'Gayatri Mantra' , seems like he liked a lot this mantra and also chanting with the mantra.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Roaming around

Me prashant mom dad Nna are together .... so at night when every body is asleep i am just roaming around searching for something.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lecture by Lalu

Work is work , i work in a small firm where there are some 250 employees. Now one day our CEO marries this girl. and then later ditched her .... by the profession he should not do this. So now there are two parties fighting for this. now the male group was huge and most of them think that the guy is wrong ans hence Strike. huge friction and no one is working in office. time pass.

Somewhere in earth Lalu yadav came in between and started giving lectures ... mean while Harish saw this girl and asked me who she is and with whom she is married, me said shashank gupta , a lawyer.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flood and Strom

Its a huge flood , all the lands are gone.Moments where we are trap in a small space and there is water and water all around. So we have start living in a small place where we are safe , very few people who survived the flood. Some chines and other nationality peoples. Having food together and sharing the favorite dishes. For me it was momos , some special momos.We seems to enjoy same repeated channel and at the same time same wondering ans association , again and again.

There was storm and we trapped in some place. With my friend we live in a small space , my friend is a small drmabaaj , have a small bear with him/ He entertain people and that is how he earns his bread. He is showing his magic and tricks to people , mean while i am watching it and enjoying the session.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Make your time table

Awesome sea site , with my friend there ...enjoying the locations and discussing how good and amazing everything is.

Joined college , with my sandals i went to the mess for having food , once i was done with it ... came outside and saw that my sandals are missing , searched for a while and then gave up, that will buy a new one. Next day gave my cloths to wash man to wash my cloths. Then start following someone , and then came to college , searched for some people who might be with me at my class , failed. Roamed for 3-4 hours and realized that i should go back to hostel. Download the schedule , buy some copy , make the time table and come tomorrow. Decided and went back happily back to hostel.

Brought one suit for the servant , when mom looked at it , was anxious how good it was and decided to do the sleep test over it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mechanical behaviors

Two boats are connected with each other , people keep changing the boats as per their needs , me and my friend have to do some work in the second boat , so we come to the first boat and remove the unwanted thing from the first boat.

Me with the scientist discussing about the behavior , mechanical and non mechanical behaviors.

I am doing this one course and the exam is near , i decided to go rest of the class because i have not attended a single class.

Raj ritesh and me walking toward his room , talking about his daily schedule what he does and so on.

With room mate's wife we are cutting vegetables. She telling us about her daughter , she eats so many random things here and there. Some one came in between so we left.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Half sleep drunk

I am dead some how and i am talking to my dad , he wanted to do things for me which he couldn't and he also believe that someone is responsible for my death , i am asking him to calm down and no one is responsible for my death and feeling sad.

There is this guy who play awesome music instrument , and it seems people are very impressed with him.

We are in our home , having dinner ... i had food and am looking for more. People waiting in groups here and there. One of my friend who is half asleep is blabbering because he know that he is half asleep and thats what is funny and people are smiling. One of my friend is interested in a movie so he goes outside to watch it any of the theater in early in the morning , me asking my brother if we have the CD in home , i called my friend that the movie is in home , come we can watch it together.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Lying in a bed thinking of the repeating the event so i have to clone myself and do the whole thing again the way i dreamed.

Giving Pooja that method how to download youtube video through command prompt.

This girl is in wedding ceremony and looking for Raghu.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Escape the bullets

Meeting with Sumit near sakinaka and talking to him about various things , and then walking along since he is here for 2-3 days as they have this vacation and he decided to spend these days here with me.

Harish telling me to read this book which has some 400 pages but its damn worthy.
My land lord is there dead with some boy and blood spread. Then outside there are firings happening , we are running dodging the bullets i escape and survived.
Firing again and we ran , the commissioner Ajay's place we are and with friends safe.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pay with rupee

abcd was in xyz place was alone for a while , we use to meet him sometime decided to get married. So we are thats why here to help him settle down.

prashant and me in bus , prashant giving excuse that since there were no teacher in the school this is the reason of getting the very less marks for the children and the other teacher getting angry and taking class of him. After this i buy a coffee for prashant. Then i went to counter to pay the money , when i was about to pay i opened my bag to give them the money ... in my bag there was some euro dollars and all the classy rupees all unique and antique stuff. Decided not to pay like this and payed them money from my wallet.

Sitting in a cab , and giving him direction and telling him , 6 years before the structure was like this and now it has changed a bit.

With sagar i decided to go in and do some work and also order food.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trip to the mountain

From our room view we see the mountains , so one day we decided to go to the mountain and have the experience. While returning from there we take an auto , this auto driver start using the short cuts which were new for us.

Small boy who don't use stay quite with his parents , with us he is quite and not making noise and doing things quite. With him we were listening one lecture where the speaker were telling us about the natures and the mountain. So after a while she offered a biscuit to this kid which was with us. and he was quite happy about it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wash out

While moving out from the home , with my friend in a carriage i am looking for place where i can wash my dirty hand. After some time i manage to reach a tube-well where i can wash my dirty hand and legs.

Bhavna Sachin and gang there is no space in hotel , we were done so gave them the whole post space for lunch.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Market and mud

In Home i am roaming around in market. Some chaos in the market i was also searching for something ? Came home walking alone with mud all over me. So my 'Nna' asked me to clean up and also gave me a tub of water to get fresh. Saw aunt shouting for some reason , could not able to understand why. But just saw her shouting , did nothing.

Some place where i met Hitesh Gautam with his new bike , he is telling people about his bike and also other common friends are there as well. We were talking about the latest short trips we made. Then we were playing Volleyball and the scene where we are binding net for Volleyball. I am a bit hyper while doing this Some shouting,screaming and abusing before we wrap us this event.

Monday, October 4, 2010

How you feeling

Staying in a hotel alone but made some friends there as i am in a small journey. Helped some people here and there. One fine day i was feeling uneasy and tired , viks called doctor and the doctor came to see me, i told them that i am OK but it seemed that they decided to check me properly before they leave. When i come again at the same place after some time , i meet people i helped earlier but one of my friend seem to be angry with me and is trying to hurt me.

Saroj discussing about a trip and making list whom to invite and whom not to. I joked about whom to invite.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Battle money and friends

There is this ancient money and many people are behind it. Now one fine day one gangster went out to fetch it from the original user , he did something to the user and pulled out the money , as soon as he have the money in his hand , some other gand comes up and takes the money this drama continues long. Finally the money is in King PK's hand me and my friend realized it and then we are chasing king PK. He is running with all the money money is some desert and now its only me and king pk left for the battle. So now its the physical fight who ever wins the battle walk away with the money. I won the battle and i go with the money. Then in couple of hours i meet king PK again at some place , telling him that dude 'Jo ho gaya so ho gaya , lets be friends again as i don't want to make any enemy', he said OK. I see this there is still a chance that king PK might kill me as in one-to-one battle i won the battle , just hoping that he is out of that trap.

i am awake at night , half asleep for few minutes.

Subhashji , something in the hand portion about to come out .... we are gathered to serve some food to all the village people. There is no space , no chairs table to sit , i try and make arrange to sit for people so that they can have food properly.

Court scene , i am continuously receiving a call people asking so many questions.

People asking me to share my dreams.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Bunch of people meeting together , Mayank is about to come.

Me Veeru and Sid are sitting at my place and then power is off all sudden.

Friday, October 1, 2010

30 bullets

Functionality of the add cash should work. When the responsibility was given then realized it will take more then one application changes . Did the changes and waited for the result.

Some gang war is happening, two group wanted each others blood.My friend with whom i live is also a gangster and i use to hang around with him. One fine day he kill three main people of the other gang and did not inform me about all this. Somehow i came to know about all this and when i met my room mate said that why you did that and should have told me earlier , now if they find me they are defiantly gonna kill me. Encountered the enemy soon and they put some 30 odd bullets in my body , as i begin to fall i started sensing my body.. with pain felt as something in me is about to explore. Scene change.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Changing surface

My dad giving the shield type stuff to prashant , when asked from where he got then said that he got from his father i.e. my grandfather , when my grandfather was in college.

While walking out from Jia sarai , encountered some group of gang .. then find myself between two gangs. One of the gang is threatening me that don't go outside other wise the other gangs will harm you. I don't know what they want but after some hours i started telling them few years back i stayed in this place for preparation of JEE and they seems to be interested what i have to say.

In a group of few hundred people we are going some physical exercise , but due to various reason after every minute the straight line converted to some broken one. I am not blaming myself for all this but trying hard to do my part.

It was a huge room where there are so many games to play , you have to win them all in order to get out of it . My performance was very poor.
I am out for a walk before i take a bath , there in the far away from the normal crowd i saw this a piece of place where the level of the earth is keep changing. I ran across all the corners but did not able to understand why is it so. While returning back to my place this old man asking me if i am Mr Lhangot Roy , as he read some Roy some days back with Bhavin and thought it might be me. He then said his name and said good bye.Saw Shivaji in between , he was getting feeded by funda's with people.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Gathering

Some gun firing happening around. Gaurav arora seems to know a lot about gun firing , shots and bullets. He decided to fire some shots , when done happily went outside to have a cup of tea with one of his friend.

Big family making lunch and meanwhile i am roaming here and there in my house. One of my cousin sister is trying how to fry the papad , i am giving her the demonstration how to do fry it in oil. My mom came and try to use the gas but realized the mouth of the gas burner is distracted and it has to be changed. I decided to go outside and bring the new one.

With my brother went outside of house to bring some soap and then met couple of my friend , then i thought that that guy in front of me is Rajesh Bharatia .... and he is not coming back because he think that he can earn this much money there itself. But then later saw that this was someone else , left the place and then Prashant suggested me to jog slowly , told me some history of jogging. Met with my uncle who was cleaning some of the stuff there and waited for rest of my family there.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lets explore

Few people are gathered together and trying to explore something new , people from different religion and back ground made the whole atmosphere heat. Anshul is listening some of the Ouspensky's quotes by Suresh and he recalled that he has read it somewhere some times back. Someone asked me that where is a guitar , i asked him if he has used he knows how to hold the guitar ? There are two separate groups of different people creating two different flavors , i am trying to attend in both the groups being greedy.

My mom knows that my uncle is sick , so she send some money and food with someone and show sympathy in front of me , but asked when why don't see go and meet them personally she did not replied it with much interest , i decided to go and meet them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Work for them

Group of people together working for a development of a man. Take care of all the activity of him and at the same time deal with it with full sincerity. When someone wakes up till what someone is needed all data we have and we love to help anyone who is interested in this field. This one incident when working for one group , they have to shift from one place to another place.So some help is required in the form of waiting for someone , taking care of someone's good.

My uncle is helping me out when i have to buy some thing from a market. Then i had this opportunity to stay in this loving room place for ever , wondering why i would refuse the offer to not to stay here for whatsoever reason.

Taking peoples confident and work accordingly for the people.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Escape land

Living in a rented room , the land lard is not cool about hanging out late night. He said in case you come after 10 pm you will stay outside. Then the wife of land lord said that these days the people are very cleaver they somehow manage to do come late and enter in the room somehow.

I escaped from the land where i was trapped , while escaping i saw some other people who were also trapped there , i did not bothered much about them and ran away.

Me is having one night stand with this beautiful girl , but the parents came to know about it. He said to girl that if she will be pregnant then i will anyways take care of the baby , girl said don't worry.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Waiting for something

With my Friend Jeevan i live in some place. I am separated from the place i love very much.I am ready to try the new stuff in the market.Jeevan and me are in the hotel , have ordered some food ... Jeevan is waiting for something and hence asked me to start the food. I ate my part of food and then when i am done i started eating hid part as well.

It is the day when the thing which i was waiting is about to happen. My mom said that she dont like much the dish which is going to come , as she prefer is differently.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am gone

Some random place with my friends me with my two friend and a girl , i am flirting with girl and asking him if she can get physical with me , she said no and i smiled. Then i wondered that hope she is friend of my friend and they are not couple else i am gone.

A room we got where i was with my friends then later when they went i was alone there. At night i was wondering if i encounter any ghost.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Taking Care and Considering

With Siddartha in college , he dont stydy just do time pass , went somewhere. A room where i am sitting and i went somewhere outside where i use to live , then what i saw that its been tearing apart , some earthquack or something , i started to run and at the same time i make sure that i dont fall into the void. Finally the storm intensity reduced. Now my job was to find out the my home went through some random stations.

Met this girl and for some reason because this place was new for her , i was taking care of her a lot. Then we went out side , she said to me that she don't know why people like her so much. I started thinking , that she think that i also like her. So decided not to give enough attention she is taking my this care as my likeness toward her. ( Internal considering )

Chooses options beauty and beast , chose beauty and beast one by one.

Saved one guy who was bleeding and have knife so i had to chose take him home or not , cause there is a risk on bringing him home. He might attack me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had a band!

Race for 2 km , me with my regular friends , saw shivalik people comes from the front , sid and hitesh ....Asked them to run with us , they said no , they are running from last 51 mins and are tired.

School where we play game with friends , once day we were caught playing game , since we don't belong to the campus they caught us. Then a senior came and explain that i am a band member and i have couple of project and once upon a time i was a band member , they get impressed and allow our friends to go. and was lol-ing inside.

With Nilanjan and Sonkar , in some place playing game with ball discussing the rules and playing

Me with W virendra? playing some game in some distance remote area , so he has asked some place so that he wont forget the place area.we sit and discuss the area and the game we are going to play

Placing an order to a restaurant where i use to eat food , discussing hgw much he chargeed , and then i askek why charge so much, dialog for 10 min and then OK , give me this xyz placed order.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How much you got

Well me and jeevan ar some place , in my class there are couple of girls and among them there is this girl and one day she got a job ..... also Subha got a job. Then me and jeevan we re discussing that how good it is and can we also push ourselves into it. or can we help them to go to USA. Dialog by me , make a build of your family and deploy at USA. Then we started smoking stuff and started discussing about it.. some shouts some noise , and went away from the discussion , then the guy who was high picked up something and threw it up to me , it was snake , eee i ran away. [4:43]

There is a class room where we use to meet and then there was another place where i use to teach something, nearby there was a school where kids were there. Once day some matches were going on , i went there with my friends , so at that time , the kids were getting their 10th result , while entering into the gate one kid was getting analyzed by this father and his dad was not happy with the marks his kid got , so he stopped me and asked how much i got in my board examination , i smiled that i was so bad in my boards , but then something happen and i left that place without saying anything.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

People getting married

Place where we live, asked the boss magician if i can do the magic as well ....he gave me authority to do things. I started changing add cash behavior . Me laptop and shivaji went to restaurant , ordered food deal , chicken and one veg item. also some beer with it.i got 2-3 case where i got to bhandle the situation friends with beer and food. This is marriage season , beena and lapu got married .

Encountered one situation where i was with my two friend and childish beena , she does all the caring work perfectly but the childish attitude was thee.three friends in conference room were abusing you , when you came ti know about it , i smiled.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Help them

Living in delhi , i keep visiting aunt's house , then realized one day that i might help them shifting some of the things one place to another.

Then there is a house , famous for that interesting events keep happening there.I went there and they told me couple of story.I had something with me , when i played in TV it seemed that it was some kind of porn movie ....but some kind of teaching was there which i was not able to understand.Watching movie in a theater then couple of people left theater with making noise.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Making a new gateway and testing it.

Insert some hard code values and testing the values are getting at the other side or not.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alone with my loneliness

Going out with friends , Rakesh and all ... then decided to go for a spiritual trip around with my dad, Rakesh said no he wont go , he would rather go along for trip like this , i said OK your wish.Then i lost in between , then i found myself in between the people who are deepa's batch mate. They are ragging me , asking questions and all. Then i started asking questions like who is your dream girls and all , blah blah !! [6:00]

Long journey reached some place , then some gathering and singing dancing .... in the end of the event i go back to me place. Then ved asked me what i am going to do at my place , i said nothing knowing the fact that there is nothing to do and i am alone in my loneliness so stayed. So then saw something happening.Discussed about the events which just happened.

Another version of lafange parindey.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

We got something to do

Group going somewhere , flood keep coming in different shapes , have to find something in there. I waited there , found some friend ... some card there and have to search more cards there. Some figures we saw in making and destroying automatically. Met some girl in between whom i kissed very passionately.

I am dreaming that someone who look like my dad will come to me and say , i am the one you are searching for.I went with him , he took me some coffee shop and told me about some project. Which is very interesting , told me what all can be done and all the possibility.

People gathered for work period , group of people have prepared some skit to show ... so before they do that some practice and some drama. Anam said that he might come on the last four days because of some business reasons. Then the time came when skit were suppose to start , it was a blizzard start.

Friend of mine are discussing where to study and to take guidance of which teacher , who is the best and who charge unnecessary.

We got a new rooms out there and there my uncle is looking out some rooms marking them, its a new place so he is making some picture in his mind so that in evening when he is drunk he can sleep in any one of the rooms.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Look at the fish

Me with sujit and couple of friends went to some party , dancing around and having fun.

In a zoo where we can see big giant fish floating in water , went there couple of time. With my native village friends i went to a place where we could have eat some fruit , as per them i am giving this treat.

In a room with my brother , discussing random things.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where we met

Went into a church or some place where some gatherings re happening , me with my four friends including jeeevan , some security validation in the gate and ad then we enter .. inside hell lot of things are happening then i met a small girl who know me and we meet hug and cry.

Emotions : Senti

Meaning :

when leaving the place i meet her again we hug and cry and separate. The other day i go there again with jeevan abut jeevan enter there without entering his name and all , when asking by the other people why he did not entered our identity he got angry and i said dude calm down !

Emotions :

Meaning :

Place where we live with my dad and my brother , its not connected with the main road and so we take the big road to reach there.then we go one of the family friends home where we are about to see some movie

Emotions : Thinking

Meaning :

Place where we playing with snake and other water animals , it was fun and then all sudden one snake type animal bites me badly , went to the people who was assigned there to look for all this , pinched me with some injection with some liquid which suppose to heal my this bite.I asked if this is permanent solution and he said don't worry you will be fine.

Emotions : Fear Fun

Meaning :

When leaving from there the place owner asked me how i came to know about this place i told him that my team manager came here once and he only suggested me this place.

Emotions :

Meaning :

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How you taste now ?

We are sitting with Raviji , and two of the guys have this duty to taste them selves while sitting. After sitting Raviji separately asked them that did they tasted themselves , they said they did not tried it.

Lets go

I have to reach somewhere but i am lost in between , after crossing the station , road i finally reaches at Harish place . Mean while i realize that i had a fever , Harish ask me which kind of fever i have , i had no idea , he said you have 'X' fever ? I said yes.

Pow and few of my friends are discussing something.

Then in a college there are events happening , met Siddharth iit wala in between .... we saw list of the movies which they are going to show , i noted down all of them and there were quiz section as well , decided that i should write the timing , i might go there.

We had this meeting where i had to call all the people , someone asked me to check for Rajeev Dey ... i went to his place he was sleeping , he woke up and we were getting ready for the meeting. I asked him if he has car or anything , he said his company have 15-20 cabs so thats not an issue which i could not able to understand.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Light and candle

This guy my guru , how to play with fire forest.Took me at some forest , demonstrating. Then there is a group of people at picnic somewhere sea side. some guy put a big huge candle in the along the sea side. And then we are chasing some people who have done some harm to the people of the neighbor. [2:20]

Emotions : Fear Fun

Meaning :

There is this gang , the villain type guy have a tractor with himself and in this tractor he have a cycle as well which he uses when he goes for bathroom. Very funny ?! [7:00]

Emotions : Fun

Meaning :

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What not to do

A girl uses all her energy in random stuff and get exhausted in the end of the day. Then it was suggested to not to get involved in unwanted activity , which was useful.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Let it happen

Group of team , 5 people doing something everyone has has to do something ... fitting pipes , maintaining things. [4:00]

Emotions :

Meaning :


Four people sitting i have paper in my hand , people asks for paper i said , yes you can take.

There is a gang like a typical movie gangs doing stuff for fun . they have this stars made of some special material which when they throw can destroy a big place people like super commando dhruv have dhruv stars. Then i am inside a room , feared that they will come and harm me then decide to stay there and wont be afraid be them.

There is a tamtam and a couple in it , seems that people don't like this couple much. Then tamtam owner asks for the ticket , he showed the ticket but the guy who issued the ticket made a mistake consciously and wrote a wrong the stating point place. They are being fined 310 rs .... one guy start supporting the couple that this is injustice and this and that. I also said that hey take this 100 rs , but then for some reason they reduce the charge to 10 rs. [5:40]

Emotions : Fear , Faith

Meaning :

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to kiss

Some page [5:00]


Met this girl in a trip , she is cute and sexy. She has a boy friend as well. Slowly friendship converts into sex. So basically she taught me how to kiss properly we use to share kisses with each other as well. So it was a triangle me she and her boyfriend and finally we departed ...during the last days of our trip she has some fight with his boyfriend. So i met her in the road , she was in bike with one hand fractured , i asked her how you kiss in general, she said ki put your tongue between your teeth on the left side and then kiss , you can kiss with more intensity ... funny eh ?! [5:45]

Emotions : Lust

Meaning :

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


new jsp : help making new jsp. [6:12 ]

Give me my money back

Reason of failure of the most of the political party ? talked , bath together we family aside the river.i washed the clothes and did other garbage stuff work.[5:27]

Emotions : Fun

Meaning :


Train to place with friends , so many events happening , me participating and having the last day my laptop was missing and then the search.before this i went for a movie with two tickets , asked them to show me my place .... they told my both seats are not together so if you don't watch wee might refund you back and they did not refund. [6:30]

Emotions : Anxiety , worries

Meaning :

Monday, August 23, 2010

In the village

Order tawa pulaw in station before that the story of friend who use to live with his friends at the near mountains.


In my native place between my own family. Roaming all around the village and sharing. Then i got the assignment to make some rice some process from a mill some kilometer away , my journey to that mill and other related things/. for example ate of the chocolate when i took the first bite of it , the shop keeper warning me for buying so much stuff in a bulk i said let it happen.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tell me the commad sir

Big huge lunch ..... comedy love scenes , director actors scene get played first

g talk picture is cool

Snake biting and we enjoying it damn discovery


Playing pitto


Chappal fight


Visiting the other game space by entering into the game world , having fun and then coming back by a keyword like uttering certain mantra. I forgot the mantra once and hence stayed a bit late in on of the spaces. Spaces have random animals having very random intelligence.

Friday, August 20, 2010

meething and forgetting

Trapped somewhere in some place , there is no transport and it is difficult to get out. Trains i tried to catch but was failed , i missed the train. Then met two people .... we decided to escape , i asked the local guy how far is another village there , he gave me the direction .... i asked them if they are coming with me or not and said them that surely i am going to reach before them. If they wish to come with me then they can.


We were suppose to gather in some place in order to have a meeting , before meeting i put the status that 'life is when there is no thought' or something of this sort in my status. When we were there i met Precila she told me that my status was good , i felt a bit shy and said that its a bliss to live that moment.


Big place where i reached with my college friend to watch a movie. Before that

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sound music

Gathered around a house singing and dancing , listening all sorts of music all day along. Everybody seems to enjoy the new 'CD' someone brought. When we enjoyed the whole album , there were couple of other guest who came in just for hearing the BEST song which was very pleasing to us. After listening one song i realized that this is not the song we wanted them to listen , changed it after a while , but in between saw the element if 'considering'.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How pani puri was discovered

Some community and group where there were some rack providing the details of the activity as well as the details of the activity. The more the activity and information the more rich you are joining the community.


about me it was written what i wanted . more detail if i want to help them


Was going through one case where i saw the information was missing , whoever have done this job of taking and collecting data for this case has done it wrongly and hence the anger.How can you just not do your duty properly.


what is the status ?

this girl is good and way too good , hummm !!


hi meet my friend stuti

hi stuti


One guy from group 1 to another group , yaar kyon halla macha rakha hai ? band karo kayan kayan . haad hoti hai ( making too much noise )

The other group people : Haan ok , ab tum bhi shor mat machoo , tum bhi bas karo


How pani puri was discovered ? Salty water in a gol gappa do taste awesome , isnt ?


Bought bankelel comics and two other books from a book shop then when i was outside saw king pk and ladda ram outside , they were reading some material .... some classy old book.Shared the books details and gone.


Met lapu outside ? then we discussed how is life and work going .... met king pk in between and then wemoved toward somwhere There was a huge eggs , we decided to see how dianasore re evolved by a certaine chemical , once they were alive we ran for our lives.

we ran twice actually :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The 'do' of Dream Penetration

It was my dream to get inside the dream awake , from the time when i first read the meditation technique of getting inside the dream either by chanting a mantra or asking the question weather things are real around me or not in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

I really don't know i am ready to take this exercise or not , lets see. If i fail this blog will just be a remark of it.


Dream inside a dream ehhh :D

Will be writing dreams on a daily basis , until i become a perfect dream writer.

I wish to dream consciously.