Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How you taste now ?

We are sitting with Raviji , and two of the guys have this duty to taste them selves while sitting. After sitting Raviji separately asked them that did they tasted themselves , they said they did not tried it.

Lets go

I have to reach somewhere but i am lost in between , after crossing the station , road i finally reaches at Harish place . Mean while i realize that i had a fever , Harish ask me which kind of fever i have , i had no idea , he said you have 'X' fever ? I said yes.

Pow and few of my friends are discussing something.

Then in a college there are events happening , met Siddharth iit wala in between .... we saw list of the movies which they are going to show , i noted down all of them and there were quiz section as well , decided that i should write the timing , i might go there.

We had this meeting where i had to call all the people , someone asked me to check for Rajeev Dey ... i went to his place he was sleeping , he woke up and we were getting ready for the meeting. I asked him if he has car or anything , he said his company have 15-20 cabs so thats not an issue which i could not able to understand.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Light and candle

This guy my guru , how to play with fire forest.Took me at some forest , demonstrating. Then there is a group of people at picnic somewhere sea side. some guy put a big huge candle in the along the sea side. And then we are chasing some people who have done some harm to the people of the neighbor. [2:20]

Emotions : Fear Fun

Meaning :

There is this gang , the villain type guy have a tractor with himself and in this tractor he have a cycle as well which he uses when he goes for bathroom. Very funny ?! [7:00]

Emotions : Fun

Meaning :

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What not to do

A girl uses all her energy in random stuff and get exhausted in the end of the day. Then it was suggested to not to get involved in unwanted activity , which was useful.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Let it happen

Group of team , 5 people doing something everyone has has to do something ... fitting pipes , maintaining things. [4:00]

Emotions :

Meaning :


Four people sitting i have paper in my hand , people asks for paper i said , yes you can take.

There is a gang like a typical movie gangs doing stuff for fun . they have this stars made of some special material which when they throw can destroy a big place people like super commando dhruv have dhruv stars. Then i am inside a room , feared that they will come and harm me then decide to stay there and wont be afraid be them.

There is a tamtam and a couple in it , seems that people don't like this couple much. Then tamtam owner asks for the ticket , he showed the ticket but the guy who issued the ticket made a mistake consciously and wrote a wrong the stating point place. They are being fined 310 rs .... one guy start supporting the couple that this is injustice and this and that. I also said that hey take this 100 rs , but then for some reason they reduce the charge to 10 rs. [5:40]

Emotions : Fear , Faith

Meaning :

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to kiss

Some page [5:00]


Met this girl in a trip , she is cute and sexy. She has a boy friend as well. Slowly friendship converts into sex. So basically she taught me how to kiss properly we use to share kisses with each other as well. So it was a triangle me she and her boyfriend and finally we departed ...during the last days of our trip she has some fight with his boyfriend. So i met her in the road , she was in bike with one hand fractured , i asked her how you kiss in general, she said ki put your tongue between your teeth on the left side and then kiss , you can kiss with more intensity ... funny eh ?! [5:45]

Emotions : Lust

Meaning :

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


new jsp : help making new jsp. [6:12 ]

Give me my money back

Reason of failure of the most of the political party ? talked , bath together we family aside the river.i washed the clothes and did other garbage stuff work.[5:27]

Emotions : Fun

Meaning :


Train to place with friends , so many events happening , me participating and having fun.in the last day my laptop was missing and then the search.before this i went for a movie with two tickets , asked them to show me my place .... they told my both seats are not together so if you don't watch wee might refund you back and they did not refund. [6:30]

Emotions : Anxiety , worries

Meaning :

Monday, August 23, 2010

In the village

Order tawa pulaw in station before that the story of friend who use to live with his friends at the near mountains.


In my native place between my own family. Roaming all around the village and sharing. Then i got the assignment to make some rice some process from a mill some kilometer away , my journey to that mill and other related things/. for example ate of the chocolate when i took the first bite of it , the shop keeper warning me for buying so much stuff in a bulk i said let it happen.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tell me the commad sir

Big huge lunch ..... comedy love scenes , director actors ..love scene get played first

g talk picture is cool

Snake biting and we enjoying it damn discovery


Playing pitto


Chappal fight


Visiting the other game space by entering into the game world , having fun and then coming back by a keyword like uttering certain mantra. I forgot the mantra once and hence stayed a bit late in on of the spaces. Spaces have random animals having very random intelligence.

Friday, August 20, 2010

meething and forgetting

Trapped somewhere in some place , there is no transport and it is difficult to get out. Trains i tried to catch but was failed , i missed the train. Then met two people .... we decided to escape , i asked the local guy how far is another village there , he gave me the direction .... i asked them if they are coming with me or not and said them that surely i am going to reach before them. If they wish to come with me then they can.


We were suppose to gather in some place in order to have a meeting , before meeting i put the status that 'life is when there is no thought' or something of this sort in my status. When we were there i met Precila she told me that my status was good , i felt a bit shy and said that its a bliss to live that moment.


Big place where i reached with my college friend to watch a movie. Before that

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sound music

Gathered around a house singing and dancing , listening all sorts of music all day along. Everybody seems to enjoy the new 'CD' someone brought. When we enjoyed the whole album , there were couple of other guest who came in just for hearing the BEST song which was very pleasing to us. After listening one song i realized that this is not the song we wanted them to listen , changed it after a while , but in between saw the element if 'considering'.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How pani puri was discovered

Some community and group where there were some rack providing the details of the activity as well as the details of the activity. The more the activity and information the more rich you are joining the community.


about me it was written what i wanted . more detail if i want to help them


Was going through one case where i saw the information was missing , whoever have done this job of taking and collecting data for this case has done it wrongly and hence the anger.How can you just not do your duty properly.


what is the status ?

this girl is good and way too good , hummm !!


hi meet my friend stuti

hi stuti


One guy from group 1 to another group , yaar kyon halla macha rakha hai ? band karo kayan kayan . haad hoti hai ( making too much noise )

The other group people : Haan ok , ab tum bhi shor mat machoo , tum bhi bas karo


How pani puri was discovered ? Salty water in a gol gappa do taste awesome , isnt ?


Bought bankelel comics and two other books from a book shop then when i was outside saw king pk and ladda ram outside , they were reading some material .... some classy old book.Shared the books details and gone.


Met lapu outside ? then we discussed how is life and work going .... met king pk in between and then wemoved toward somwhere There was a huge eggs , we decided to see how dianasore re evolved by a certaine chemical , once they were alive we ran for our lives.

we ran twice actually :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The 'do' of Dream Penetration

It was my dream to get inside the dream awake , from the time when i first read the meditation technique of getting inside the dream either by chanting a mantra or asking the question weather things are real around me or not in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

I really don't know i am ready to take this exercise or not , lets see. If i fail this blog will just be a remark of it.


Dream inside a dream ehhh :D

Will be writing dreams on a daily basis , until i become a perfect dream writer.

I wish to dream consciously.