Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lets go

I have to reach somewhere but i am lost in between , after crossing the station , road i finally reaches at Harish place . Mean while i realize that i had a fever , Harish ask me which kind of fever i have , i had no idea , he said you have 'X' fever ? I said yes.

Pow and few of my friends are discussing something.

Then in a college there are events happening , met Siddharth iit wala in between .... we saw list of the movies which they are going to show , i noted down all of them and there were quiz section as well , decided that i should write the timing , i might go there.

We had this meeting where i had to call all the people , someone asked me to check for Rajeev Dey ... i went to his place he was sleeping , he woke up and we were getting ready for the meeting. I asked him if he has car or anything , he said his company have 15-20 cabs so thats not an issue which i could not able to understand.

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