Friday, August 20, 2010

meething and forgetting

Trapped somewhere in some place , there is no transport and it is difficult to get out. Trains i tried to catch but was failed , i missed the train. Then met two people .... we decided to escape , i asked the local guy how far is another village there , he gave me the direction .... i asked them if they are coming with me or not and said them that surely i am going to reach before them. If they wish to come with me then they can.


We were suppose to gather in some place in order to have a meeting , before meeting i put the status that 'life is when there is no thought' or something of this sort in my status. When we were there i met Precila she told me that my status was good , i felt a bit shy and said that its a bliss to live that moment.


Big place where i reached with my college friend to watch a movie. Before that

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