Thursday, September 30, 2010

Changing surface

My dad giving the shield type stuff to prashant , when asked from where he got then said that he got from his father i.e. my grandfather , when my grandfather was in college.

While walking out from Jia sarai , encountered some group of gang .. then find myself between two gangs. One of the gang is threatening me that don't go outside other wise the other gangs will harm you. I don't know what they want but after some hours i started telling them few years back i stayed in this place for preparation of JEE and they seems to be interested what i have to say.

In a group of few hundred people we are going some physical exercise , but due to various reason after every minute the straight line converted to some broken one. I am not blaming myself for all this but trying hard to do my part.

It was a huge room where there are so many games to play , you have to win them all in order to get out of it . My performance was very poor.
I am out for a walk before i take a bath , there in the far away from the normal crowd i saw this a piece of place where the level of the earth is keep changing. I ran across all the corners but did not able to understand why is it so. While returning back to my place this old man asking me if i am Mr Lhangot Roy , as he read some Roy some days back with Bhavin and thought it might be me. He then said his name and said good bye.Saw Shivaji in between , he was getting feeded by funda's with people.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Gathering

Some gun firing happening around. Gaurav arora seems to know a lot about gun firing , shots and bullets. He decided to fire some shots , when done happily went outside to have a cup of tea with one of his friend.

Big family making lunch and meanwhile i am roaming here and there in my house. One of my cousin sister is trying how to fry the papad , i am giving her the demonstration how to do fry it in oil. My mom came and try to use the gas but realized the mouth of the gas burner is distracted and it has to be changed. I decided to go outside and bring the new one.

With my brother went outside of house to bring some soap and then met couple of my friend , then i thought that that guy in front of me is Rajesh Bharatia .... and he is not coming back because he think that he can earn this much money there itself. But then later saw that this was someone else , left the place and then Prashant suggested me to jog slowly , told me some history of jogging. Met with my uncle who was cleaning some of the stuff there and waited for rest of my family there.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lets explore

Few people are gathered together and trying to explore something new , people from different religion and back ground made the whole atmosphere heat. Anshul is listening some of the Ouspensky's quotes by Suresh and he recalled that he has read it somewhere some times back. Someone asked me that where is a guitar , i asked him if he has used he knows how to hold the guitar ? There are two separate groups of different people creating two different flavors , i am trying to attend in both the groups being greedy.

My mom knows that my uncle is sick , so she send some money and food with someone and show sympathy in front of me , but asked when why don't see go and meet them personally she did not replied it with much interest , i decided to go and meet them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Work for them

Group of people together working for a development of a man. Take care of all the activity of him and at the same time deal with it with full sincerity. When someone wakes up till what someone is needed all data we have and we love to help anyone who is interested in this field. This one incident when working for one group , they have to shift from one place to another place.So some help is required in the form of waiting for someone , taking care of someone's good.

My uncle is helping me out when i have to buy some thing from a market. Then i had this opportunity to stay in this loving room place for ever , wondering why i would refuse the offer to not to stay here for whatsoever reason.

Taking peoples confident and work accordingly for the people.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Escape land

Living in a rented room , the land lard is not cool about hanging out late night. He said in case you come after 10 pm you will stay outside. Then the wife of land lord said that these days the people are very cleaver they somehow manage to do come late and enter in the room somehow.

I escaped from the land where i was trapped , while escaping i saw some other people who were also trapped there , i did not bothered much about them and ran away.

Me is having one night stand with this beautiful girl , but the parents came to know about it. He said to girl that if she will be pregnant then i will anyways take care of the baby , girl said don't worry.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Waiting for something

With my Friend Jeevan i live in some place. I am separated from the place i love very much.I am ready to try the new stuff in the market.Jeevan and me are in the hotel , have ordered some food ... Jeevan is waiting for something and hence asked me to start the food. I ate my part of food and then when i am done i started eating hid part as well.

It is the day when the thing which i was waiting is about to happen. My mom said that she dont like much the dish which is going to come , as she prefer is differently.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am gone

Some random place with my friends me with my two friend and a girl , i am flirting with girl and asking him if she can get physical with me , she said no and i smiled. Then i wondered that hope she is friend of my friend and they are not couple else i am gone.

A room we got where i was with my friends then later when they went i was alone there. At night i was wondering if i encounter any ghost.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Taking Care and Considering

With Siddartha in college , he dont stydy just do time pass , went somewhere. A room where i am sitting and i went somewhere outside where i use to live , then what i saw that its been tearing apart , some earthquack or something , i started to run and at the same time i make sure that i dont fall into the void. Finally the storm intensity reduced. Now my job was to find out the my home went through some random stations.

Met this girl and for some reason because this place was new for her , i was taking care of her a lot. Then we went out side , she said to me that she don't know why people like her so much. I started thinking , that she think that i also like her. So decided not to give enough attention she is taking my this care as my likeness toward her. ( Internal considering )

Chooses options beauty and beast , chose beauty and beast one by one.

Saved one guy who was bleeding and have knife so i had to chose take him home or not , cause there is a risk on bringing him home. He might attack me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had a band!

Race for 2 km , me with my regular friends , saw shivalik people comes from the front , sid and hitesh ....Asked them to run with us , they said no , they are running from last 51 mins and are tired.

School where we play game with friends , once day we were caught playing game , since we don't belong to the campus they caught us. Then a senior came and explain that i am a band member and i have couple of project and once upon a time i was a band member , they get impressed and allow our friends to go. and was lol-ing inside.

With Nilanjan and Sonkar , in some place playing game with ball discussing the rules and playing

Me with W virendra? playing some game in some distance remote area , so he has asked some place so that he wont forget the place area.we sit and discuss the area and the game we are going to play

Placing an order to a restaurant where i use to eat food , discussing hgw much he chargeed , and then i askek why charge so much, dialog for 10 min and then OK , give me this xyz placed order.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How much you got

Well me and jeevan ar some place , in my class there are couple of girls and among them there is this girl and one day she got a job ..... also Subha got a job. Then me and jeevan we re discussing that how good it is and can we also push ourselves into it. or can we help them to go to USA. Dialog by me , make a build of your family and deploy at USA. Then we started smoking stuff and started discussing about it.. some shouts some noise , and went away from the discussion , then the guy who was high picked up something and threw it up to me , it was snake , eee i ran away. [4:43]

There is a class room where we use to meet and then there was another place where i use to teach something, nearby there was a school where kids were there. Once day some matches were going on , i went there with my friends , so at that time , the kids were getting their 10th result , while entering into the gate one kid was getting analyzed by this father and his dad was not happy with the marks his kid got , so he stopped me and asked how much i got in my board examination , i smiled that i was so bad in my boards , but then something happen and i left that place without saying anything.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

People getting married

Place where we live, asked the boss magician if i can do the magic as well ....he gave me authority to do things. I started changing add cash behavior . Me laptop and shivaji went to restaurant , ordered food deal , chicken and one veg item. also some beer with it.i got 2-3 case where i got to bhandle the situation friends with beer and food. This is marriage season , beena and lapu got married .

Encountered one situation where i was with my two friend and childish beena , she does all the caring work perfectly but the childish attitude was thee.three friends in conference room were abusing you , when you came ti know about it , i smiled.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Help them

Living in delhi , i keep visiting aunt's house , then realized one day that i might help them shifting some of the things one place to another.

Then there is a house , famous for that interesting events keep happening there.I went there and they told me couple of story.I had something with me , when i played in TV it seemed that it was some kind of porn movie ....but some kind of teaching was there which i was not able to understand.Watching movie in a theater then couple of people left theater with making noise.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Making a new gateway and testing it.

Insert some hard code values and testing the values are getting at the other side or not.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alone with my loneliness

Going out with friends , Rakesh and all ... then decided to go for a spiritual trip around with my dad, Rakesh said no he wont go , he would rather go along for trip like this , i said OK your wish.Then i lost in between , then i found myself in between the people who are deepa's batch mate. They are ragging me , asking questions and all. Then i started asking questions like who is your dream girls and all , blah blah !! [6:00]

Long journey reached some place , then some gathering and singing dancing .... in the end of the event i go back to me place. Then ved asked me what i am going to do at my place , i said nothing knowing the fact that there is nothing to do and i am alone in my loneliness so stayed. So then saw something happening.Discussed about the events which just happened.

Another version of lafange parindey.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

We got something to do

Group going somewhere , flood keep coming in different shapes , have to find something in there. I waited there , found some friend ... some card there and have to search more cards there. Some figures we saw in making and destroying automatically. Met some girl in between whom i kissed very passionately.

I am dreaming that someone who look like my dad will come to me and say , i am the one you are searching for.I went with him , he took me some coffee shop and told me about some project. Which is very interesting , told me what all can be done and all the possibility.

People gathered for work period , group of people have prepared some skit to show ... so before they do that some practice and some drama. Anam said that he might come on the last four days because of some business reasons. Then the time came when skit were suppose to start , it was a blizzard start.

Friend of mine are discussing where to study and to take guidance of which teacher , who is the best and who charge unnecessary.

We got a new rooms out there and there my uncle is looking out some rooms marking them, its a new place so he is making some picture in his mind so that in evening when he is drunk he can sleep in any one of the rooms.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Look at the fish

Me with sujit and couple of friends went to some party , dancing around and having fun.

In a zoo where we can see big giant fish floating in water , went there couple of time. With my native village friends i went to a place where we could have eat some fruit , as per them i am giving this treat.

In a room with my brother , discussing random things.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where we met

Went into a church or some place where some gatherings re happening , me with my four friends including jeeevan , some security validation in the gate and ad then we enter .. inside hell lot of things are happening then i met a small girl who know me and we meet hug and cry.

Emotions : Senti

Meaning :

when leaving the place i meet her again we hug and cry and separate. The other day i go there again with jeevan abut jeevan enter there without entering his name and all , when asking by the other people why he did not entered our identity he got angry and i said dude calm down !

Emotions :

Meaning :

Place where we live with my dad and my brother , its not connected with the main road and so we take the big road to reach there.then we go one of the family friends home where we are about to see some movie

Emotions : Thinking

Meaning :

Place where we playing with snake and other water animals , it was fun and then all sudden one snake type animal bites me badly , went to the people who was assigned there to look for all this , pinched me with some injection with some liquid which suppose to heal my this bite.I asked if this is permanent solution and he said don't worry you will be fine.

Emotions : Fear Fun

Meaning :

When leaving from there the place owner asked me how i came to know about this place i told him that my team manager came here once and he only suggested me this place.

Emotions :

Meaning :