Sunday, September 5, 2010

We got something to do

Group going somewhere , flood keep coming in different shapes , have to find something in there. I waited there , found some friend ... some card there and have to search more cards there. Some figures we saw in making and destroying automatically. Met some girl in between whom i kissed very passionately.

I am dreaming that someone who look like my dad will come to me and say , i am the one you are searching for.I went with him , he took me some coffee shop and told me about some project. Which is very interesting , told me what all can be done and all the possibility.

People gathered for work period , group of people have prepared some skit to show ... so before they do that some practice and some drama. Anam said that he might come on the last four days because of some business reasons. Then the time came when skit were suppose to start , it was a blizzard start.

Friend of mine are discussing where to study and to take guidance of which teacher , who is the best and who charge unnecessary.

We got a new rooms out there and there my uncle is looking out some rooms marking them, its a new place so he is making some picture in his mind so that in evening when he is drunk he can sleep in any one of the rooms.

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