Monday, September 20, 2010

Taking Care and Considering

With Siddartha in college , he dont stydy just do time pass , went somewhere. A room where i am sitting and i went somewhere outside where i use to live , then what i saw that its been tearing apart , some earthquack or something , i started to run and at the same time i make sure that i dont fall into the void. Finally the storm intensity reduced. Now my job was to find out the my home went through some random stations.

Met this girl and for some reason because this place was new for her , i was taking care of her a lot. Then we went out side , she said to me that she don't know why people like her so much. I started thinking , that she think that i also like her. So decided not to give enough attention she is taking my this care as my likeness toward her. ( Internal considering )

Chooses options beauty and beast , chose beauty and beast one by one.

Saved one guy who was bleeding and have knife so i had to chose take him home or not , cause there is a risk on bringing him home. He might attack me.

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