Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had a band!

Race for 2 km , me with my regular friends , saw shivalik people comes from the front , sid and hitesh ....Asked them to run with us , they said no , they are running from last 51 mins and are tired.

School where we play game with friends , once day we were caught playing game , since we don't belong to the campus they caught us. Then a senior came and explain that i am a band member and i have couple of project and once upon a time i was a band member , they get impressed and allow our friends to go. and was lol-ing inside.

With Nilanjan and Sonkar , in some place playing game with ball discussing the rules and playing

Me with W virendra? playing some game in some distance remote area , so he has asked some place so that he wont forget the place area.we sit and discuss the area and the game we are going to play

Placing an order to a restaurant where i use to eat food , discussing hgw much he chargeed , and then i askek why charge so much, dialog for 10 min and then OK , give me this xyz placed order.

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