Monday, September 13, 2010

How much you got

Well me and jeevan ar some place , in my class there are couple of girls and among them there is this girl and one day she got a job ..... also Subha got a job. Then me and jeevan we re discussing that how good it is and can we also push ourselves into it. or can we help them to go to USA. Dialog by me , make a build of your family and deploy at USA. Then we started smoking stuff and started discussing about it.. some shouts some noise , and went away from the discussion , then the guy who was high picked up something and threw it up to me , it was snake , eee i ran away. [4:43]

There is a class room where we use to meet and then there was another place where i use to teach something, nearby there was a school where kids were there. Once day some matches were going on , i went there with my friends , so at that time , the kids were getting their 10th result , while entering into the gate one kid was getting analyzed by this father and his dad was not happy with the marks his kid got , so he stopped me and asked how much i got in my board examination , i smiled that i was so bad in my boards , but then something happen and i left that place without saying anything.

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