Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Gathering

Some gun firing happening around. Gaurav arora seems to know a lot about gun firing , shots and bullets. He decided to fire some shots , when done happily went outside to have a cup of tea with one of his friend.

Big family making lunch and meanwhile i am roaming here and there in my house. One of my cousin sister is trying how to fry the papad , i am giving her the demonstration how to do fry it in oil. My mom came and try to use the gas but realized the mouth of the gas burner is distracted and it has to be changed. I decided to go outside and bring the new one.

With my brother went outside of house to bring some soap and then met couple of my friend , then i thought that that guy in front of me is Rajesh Bharatia .... and he is not coming back because he think that he can earn this much money there itself. But then later saw that this was someone else , left the place and then Prashant suggested me to jog slowly , told me some history of jogging. Met with my uncle who was cleaning some of the stuff there and waited for rest of my family there.

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