Thursday, September 30, 2010

Changing surface

My dad giving the shield type stuff to prashant , when asked from where he got then said that he got from his father i.e. my grandfather , when my grandfather was in college.

While walking out from Jia sarai , encountered some group of gang .. then find myself between two gangs. One of the gang is threatening me that don't go outside other wise the other gangs will harm you. I don't know what they want but after some hours i started telling them few years back i stayed in this place for preparation of JEE and they seems to be interested what i have to say.

In a group of few hundred people we are going some physical exercise , but due to various reason after every minute the straight line converted to some broken one. I am not blaming myself for all this but trying hard to do my part.

It was a huge room where there are so many games to play , you have to win them all in order to get out of it . My performance was very poor.
I am out for a walk before i take a bath , there in the far away from the normal crowd i saw this a piece of place where the level of the earth is keep changing. I ran across all the corners but did not able to understand why is it so. While returning back to my place this old man asking me if i am Mr Lhangot Roy , as he read some Roy some days back with Bhavin and thought it might be me. He then said his name and said good bye.Saw Shivaji in between , he was getting feeded by funda's with people.

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