Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alone with my loneliness

Going out with friends , Rakesh and all ... then decided to go for a spiritual trip around with my dad, Rakesh said no he wont go , he would rather go along for trip like this , i said OK your wish.Then i lost in between , then i found myself in between the people who are deepa's batch mate. They are ragging me , asking questions and all. Then i started asking questions like who is your dream girls and all , blah blah !! [6:00]

Long journey reached some place , then some gathering and singing dancing .... in the end of the event i go back to me place. Then ved asked me what i am going to do at my place , i said nothing knowing the fact that there is nothing to do and i am alone in my loneliness so stayed. So then saw something happening.Discussed about the events which just happened.

Another version of lafange parindey.

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