Friday, August 27, 2010

Let it happen

Group of team , 5 people doing something everyone has has to do something ... fitting pipes , maintaining things. [4:00]

Emotions :

Meaning :


Four people sitting i have paper in my hand , people asks for paper i said , yes you can take.

There is a gang like a typical movie gangs doing stuff for fun . they have this stars made of some special material which when they throw can destroy a big place people like super commando dhruv have dhruv stars. Then i am inside a room , feared that they will come and harm me then decide to stay there and wont be afraid be them.

There is a tamtam and a couple in it , seems that people don't like this couple much. Then tamtam owner asks for the ticket , he showed the ticket but the guy who issued the ticket made a mistake consciously and wrote a wrong the stating point place. They are being fined 310 rs .... one guy start supporting the couple that this is injustice and this and that. I also said that hey take this 100 rs , but then for some reason they reduce the charge to 10 rs. [5:40]

Emotions : Fear , Faith

Meaning :

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