Monday, October 11, 2010

Half sleep drunk

I am dead some how and i am talking to my dad , he wanted to do things for me which he couldn't and he also believe that someone is responsible for my death , i am asking him to calm down and no one is responsible for my death and feeling sad.

There is this guy who play awesome music instrument , and it seems people are very impressed with him.

We are in our home , having dinner ... i had food and am looking for more. People waiting in groups here and there. One of my friend who is half asleep is blabbering because he know that he is half asleep and thats what is funny and people are smiling. One of my friend is interested in a movie so he goes outside to watch it any of the theater in early in the morning , me asking my brother if we have the CD in home , i called my friend that the movie is in home , come we can watch it together.

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