Friday, October 8, 2010

Pay with rupee

abcd was in xyz place was alone for a while , we use to meet him sometime decided to get married. So we are thats why here to help him settle down.

prashant and me in bus , prashant giving excuse that since there were no teacher in the school this is the reason of getting the very less marks for the children and the other teacher getting angry and taking class of him. After this i buy a coffee for prashant. Then i went to counter to pay the money , when i was about to pay i opened my bag to give them the money ... in my bag there was some euro dollars and all the classy rupees all unique and antique stuff. Decided not to pay like this and payed them money from my wallet.

Sitting in a cab , and giving him direction and telling him , 6 years before the structure was like this and now it has changed a bit.

With sagar i decided to go in and do some work and also order food.

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