Monday, October 18, 2010

What to do ?

Me Sid and few of my friends are in some near by places , there we are for one and half days , chilling. Sid and me feels like smoking and Sid have some stuff with him. We go this place quite quite and for some reason i come back soon and Sid wont , Sis is unconscious and he is there for the whole night. People start searching him and his parents came , they find him and now they are taking him back , they also found the stuff with him. Now the problem is what to do with the stuff. I said give it to me , despite the fact that i don't smoke that much i am agreeing to keep the stuff that too with so much of risky thing , as if i get caught then there is a police case and i a go jail for some time.
Now i have the stuff and i have to leave the place in couple of hour. Searching how to escape that too clean , thinking thinking and thinking. At the same time this huge fear and responsibility.

In between SRK comes from no where and share that when he is nervous how he cry and feel sad.

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