Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Make your time table

Awesome sea site , with my friend there ...enjoying the locations and discussing how good and amazing everything is.

Joined college , with my sandals i went to the mess for having food , once i was done with it ... came outside and saw that my sandals are missing , searched for a while and then gave up, that will buy a new one. Next day gave my cloths to wash man to wash my cloths. Then start following someone , and then came to college , searched for some people who might be with me at my class , failed. Roamed for 3-4 hours and realized that i should go back to hostel. Download the schedule , buy some copy , make the time table and come tomorrow. Decided and went back happily back to hostel.

Brought one suit for the servant , when mom looked at it , was anxious how good it was and decided to do the sleep test over it.

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