Monday, November 29, 2010

Do something else fail

28th Nov 2010

Place new to me , living with six seven people. Call from the university that my Physics is not good and there is thick chance to pass ... Prof told me how poor i was and i have to wait for one full year in the college to complete in the college degree. Also said that if i do some task by myself then there can be done something , so i have kept these things in my mind , in evening there are people moving from one place to another and i decided that i should pick some stuff and finish it off. I am there in my room wanting to grab my stuff , act it took me time to reach there as i met so many people outside , somehow manage to reached there and that i saw that the light was not there so i have to adjust my eyes for a while to see in the room thought for a while which subject to pick and what to mug up.

[ Its been 8 days i have not yet started Sudarshan Kriya which i learned at Art of Living part I course , fear that 'i should not mix two teaching' is still bothering me , although i have set up my mind now and will give it a shot. But i went through the churning of to do not to do phase for last one week. ]

Dated : Monday , 29th Nov 2010

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