Sunday, November 21, 2010

Place to live

Fear of not letting know that i am not coming for the meeting.

Now since i am working i have left hostel and have settled outside , so i am in new place near to the place i use to live. I got this small place where i can start living. So spending few days at the hostel i go to the place where i am suppose to shift. Mandal da is also now a graduate and have started preparing for IAS , i asked him where is he going to stay now and he said , jia sarai is the best for him in all ways. Now i shifted to my new place , with many thing s with me , the problem with the space is that it is open and the boundaries are not yet finished. SO when i shifted my all luggage there , i saw hitesh jain ? passing from there , he still lives in hostel and said to me , please dont talk to me in English and gave me a bunch of grapes , i already have huge amount of grapes with me but i took it. Now when i saw my situation i thought that the hostel place is good for me as it is safe , i should push all my stuff to there until this new place is total safe and well protected , at least to the time when there is a wall around.

In hostel fun is happening , the usual people making fun of each other in all the situation.

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