Monday, November 8, 2010

Dont compare

7th Nov 2010

From our hostel there are quite some place , Helifex and others. Our IIT hostel deem to be mive there. This group of people playing football and other football related fames , so there is this large slop in the tip you play with people and if someone hit the ball then it might come to the edge and then people have to come down and get the ball. I am passing triumph and so helped many people getting their balls. So this one guy who think he is better then the other guy , both came to me and i am telling them that you both have different qualities so don't bother comparing qualities.

Talking to harish while returning form market and for some reason i talked to him for 45 odd minutes. then saw that how come i can talk to harish for so long. I side a cab and thinking about it that is it for real ?

I am returning from Halifex and for some reason i have to stay in my friends place because it starts snowing , i am without jacket and because of snow i am freezing Looking for sister who help there , i wanted someone warmness... my relatives seems to be pregnant so cant hug them. So hugged this sister very tight because of the cold.

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