Friday, November 26, 2010

Mature kid

The entry in the table is not easy , user has to register and then play for some specific amount in order to get benefit the clubs functions.

Library has a collection of good books , so i decided to go there and find something. Harish gave me a hint that i might find something there , i found a book which i wanted from a long time , there was no librarian , so i just took it away.

Living with harish , he is in another room i am watching cartoon alone ... so now the cartoon second part is coming in TV.

With one of my friend we are with his children , we are observing people around ... he told me about his son ... that despite the fact that he is only 5 , he do behaves like an adult , shy and at the same time serious. I saw him when he went for loo outside , he went quite far , so that no one can see him and he can do the action comfortably.

Arun iyer is in our company so he need some people who can verify him , i was more then glad to help him.

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