Sunday, November 21, 2010

Left my bag

20th Nov 2010

I called up to the land lord and told them about the art of living course , then land lord start telling their friends that he might be taking the course to all the resident peoples. So this friend of mine when i meet him said that land lord have said this to him and he also think that this will be benefit to him as well.

I have this bag with me which i am carrying , and while traveling its with me. I steeped off to the borio this time and inside the bus was very crowded. I somehow was busy with the events happening and when i was getting down i forgot the bug. When i was down i realized that the bag is not with me , till that time the bus has left the stand , i started running after the bus , after few second i started shouting and one of the guy saw me shouting and he stopped the bus and started asking him his identity and driving license , till that time i was there . Went inside fetched out my bag and i was out with my bag.

Outside in an unknown place with viks , we are doing some shopping. Viks is buying something from the shop and saying he has a list what he wanted to buy today.. So when going thorough the market , we stopped in one of the store , when viks collected the stuff and asked the shop keeper to give him the stuff , the shop keeper said they are closed now , please come after some time.

A proper movie scene fight between two gangs. So this guy with whom i have to share room has a shot gun with him. Since he lost in the battle i am making fun of him and his hot gun.. Then this guy said don't threaten me , because his gun is genuine and he don't want to use his gun for bad reasons.

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