Monday, November 15, 2010

Exam time

15th Nov 2010

When i change places , i take everything new at new places. Goes for everything .

We have to write an exam , not much prepared for the exam , a lot dependence on the last day preparation. Went there for changing the exam date but nothing happened. Duhita is also in our group , she seem to have a very free mind. A kiss i got from her, when i am going for the first paper , paper was ok.. When going for the second paper the same thing repeated , nothing more then the kiss , it was there a gentle kiss not the passionate one. Some consideration in between that why only kiss when i wanted more then this kiss.

In home i go there some rituals are going there , i was there with other people who are dancing there in a group.So people were also taking pictures and there were also some small little kids , they were very cute. My cousins brother is trying hard from my father to get some money out of him.

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