Monday, November 22, 2010

Nature of mind

I am moving a slower then i have been asked to, My friends in that areas keep helping me in that domain in order to improve me.Idea is the more you practice the good and the better,

This new place we are in i am visiting a place alone , saw this girl there. I started flirting with her , which she also knew but said something. Then i decided to go for a movie , so i am going for the movie .... asked people the way , so someone said that this way you can reach the theater very fast , but there was water all over the place , i started waling in but realized that its getting deeper and deeper. I came back , got that girl again asked her if she wanted to join me , she agreed and we catches a train to go there.

Some one explaining that the nature of mind something changes the being , when we are clam something in us do the things properly and when this something is not there we don't do thing properly.

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