Monday, November 15, 2010

Impartial behaviour

12th Nov 2010

Mitu meeting with me mom , she is outside of hostel in snow .... said she has been there the whole day and this is like this only.

Me patle abhishek are chilling at the sea side and we are lying at the bed there , me and patle comparing the skins with each other and telling which kind of skin we possess and which kind of skin people around us had.

This guy and me are two friends we are having a single g/f now , this guy having affair with with another women , which he is dating. So one fine day he picked up this girl and took her to a restaurant and there they are just sitting and talking and meanwhile he is thinking to call the first guy and ask how to get rid of this situation as he is stuck with both the girls at a time,Mow some how he is meeting with both girls at a time .... he talking with both girls and at the same time his behavior is different with both. The girl who abused him once , he has less respect and care for her.

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