Thursday, November 25, 2010

Getting holidays

People are keeping track of the planets and thats why somehow manage to get the holidays together , those who are not keeping the track are not getting the holidays on time,

LKP talking with , he is information me about his job . so his burning cigarette touches my shirt and there is a small tiny hole because of that.

Shitiz bansal has announce to have trip of Sri Lanka so many started asking questions that why Sri Lanka , why put other city ??

A place were where i live and encounter a girl who is good at swimming ,She swims like a god. Its a pregnancy period and we are waiting for the baby , so after a while baby cry and we see our happy faces. and then one fine day , baby is swimming with his mom.

Shivaji comes to my place and sees me.At the same time i am have friendship with this girl XYZ , we are talking and then some other girl start staring at us like we are doing something wrong and fact being this XYZ has a a permanent boyfriend.
Also Pramila aunt was there with her kids , who were good in sports ad well as in other ares.

People get old. So i have been given something to pass, so i am picking stuff from here and there . So i came to my boss place where i am suppose to get some stuff and then i will pass on this stuff to forward.

In home what you bring from outside will be consider how much stuff you bring here from outside. more the stuff more you like the place.

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