Monday, November 29, 2010

El Clasico

Some place where i am a pert of the robotic movement , a comics strip and a troy goes parallel. Then all sudden i saw the dani avles scene , it was the sins dani alves and all the things he does in the regular life , the slutty thing and all then saw that he is suffering for what he did in past. So in between then Dani alves was going through this suffering i started getting all the pains what he did and then when the conscious is back i see that dani is injured in el calsico but no one is taking care of him. The score till half time is 0-2 and pep is asking if he is OK.

A sequence i saw where , there is a road parallel to the sv road , some where there a new road is bing made , newly constructed. So while there is a mafia war in between two gangs and when i escape from there i hanged in the pool and somehow managed to get down , naked and then after looking for couple of auto i come to my place. Also mean while when i was sitting with someone who was about to teach me some mantra then some one said that my friend is searching me , when i looked outside it was my brother , finished the thing and met him . Asked how was the exam and he said he got 28 percent but he topped , i was confused.

Then again while chasing the super hero gang , i saw that kareena kapoor is encountering some guy , went there and she was quite and part of some thing when i saw that she is quite and friendly started touching the nipples , later on she told me the story while was in her mind and told me that it was her childish nature and said thanks god it is over.

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