Monday, December 6, 2010

Debt to pay

How boring it is if someone comes to you and feed you with this hyper romantic super romantic stories which you font wanted to listen since 16.

Its the root i was passing through ?!

I am running from some people who have given me huge amount of money to get out from the tragic situation , i was almost trapped in a jungle and these guys helped me out of the situation. I have to give them back their money , but some how when i was giving back the money , one of my cousin saw this happening and i took my money back from them. Now i have spend the money somewhere else and hence his guilt in me , to never able to show them face because of this event. constant guilt with which i am living.

With sumit and taking the new bed sheets and cover from the shop keeper and they are doing the printing job in front of us and we are selecting which one to pick. and there when we were doing all this the shop keeper asked my dad , kya karta hai aapka ladka ? Dad : Mera beta software engineer hai , me thinking ahh no more :D

[ Something i need to pay back to something ? What exactly ?
This is the nth time i dream of paying back or duty , what it is ??

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