Friday, December 24, 2010

Lost in a castle

Manish Rakesh me have headed toward the place unknown to us so we are excited , mean while we encountered avdesh meena and 2 more iitd guys . While talking meena said that he is gay now. I was a bit surprised , but did not say that i am surprised. We asked the people there that what is the short cut way to return to the place , one pan wala told us that the longest root is 32 km but the shortest is 3 km , and we decided to explore the shortest path while returning.Well reached that place and we start exploring the place. so after a while we sat at one place , i was damn hungry , rakes said if we are hungry will eat , i shouted that i am dead hungary , please order something. and gave my look to manish to order something. So after having something and after smoking we started exploring the place , me and manish were together , and manish was telling me story about this chines names some system where they chant some name in order to evoke the ghost. So anyways , we entered in the castle , i was alone this time but there was many places to look and visit , i started walking in one part , and soon i realized that i am lost somewhere. I tried to get out of the trap , the more i tried the more i was puzzled . Tried for 6-10 mins but had no idea how to get out of the place. Every area and room have some unknown people inside whom i have never seen and i don't known what they were there . After a while i was out , and sat in one place , felt like smoking so i took a rick and went to the near by market , saw Animesh khan also wanted to work in the plae where i have the job , so he is taking advice from the senior that what to do and he is getting advice that just apply uou can get the job here.

So this driver dropped me the place i want and when asked how much is the amount he told me expected amount plus ten rupees. I started arguing that why asking so much , it never happen till now , this much amount and i am not paying what so ever , people start gathering and when one of the guy saw the receipt he said that just pay the usual amount he can handle this guy who is charging extra ten rupees.

When i went back to the place where party was going on saw that the all the people i saw in the inside room , they are featured in the movie which are been shown in the out side corridor , people seems to be enjoying the movie which is been channelized. Saw Nilkhil all sudden so went to greet him , then i saw one of my common friend girl there , went there and kicked in her ass. When i saw clearly she was not the one , i kicked some other girl .... she did not seem to be bother with my action and was headed toward someone , his friend was there ... i said ti Nikhil that hey man i kicked your friend , did not realized she was not the girl thought it was someone else , he smiled an said nothing. I went after that girl to apologize , she seem to be cool but did not said anything , i went after her saying i am really sorry did not knew it was you , thought it was someone else , my friend. So when i was following and saying this thing again and again , met my other IIT friend he gave me something to eat , i ate what h e gave me and i heard toward the cigarette shop to buy one.

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