Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shinking and flying ship

8th Dec 2010

New series started and people want my new stories and this is how my new series is gonna start.Removing the unwanted one are will full of super hot stuff.

There is a big party in my native place kajora , many guests are invited and there are people moving here and there. There also is my friend who have a ship with him plus he knows some secret about the ship i.e. how to handle it properly. Then i met Atul he told me he had a good lunch but now his stomach is paining because after lunch he ate five eggs , which he found behind the buses. I said that you should not eat anything after lunch , not even eggs. I asked him to drink water and go to bathroom. Then came Rashmi and gang , they were going back immediately , so said that they will meet later as they are coming next day any ways. Then one girl start doing 'doboa-johar' is very different way , we saw and enjoyed. At evening this captain guy start playing with the ship. He use to life the floor of the ship and as well as push it to the under ground. It was fun. Singers then started singing and we all enjoyed that part.

Two team playing football , one team scored and players starts celebrating , so one player start bleeding from his nose somehow and it goes worse.

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