Thursday, December 23, 2010

Friction for ticket

Me lakshika dad and few others going office by the motorcycle , so since this is the first day , we are late at office. The bus stand where i caught the bus said the return ticket will be 3 time the normal ticket amount or it will be available after 4-5 days .So anyways there is this huge friction for the ticket and also the police are not supporting for it. When i came back at home , there is nothing to eat.

Now the other day we started our journey to office so when we are about to reach we forgot the path and end up going somewhere where there is no population and the ground is wet. when we stopped our jeep then we saw that the police car is following us with the policeman in it who have rifles pointing at us , i get furious that why you guys are behind us. Then i started shouting at them and abusing them. This was a long shouting process when we were shouting at each other for a long time.

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