Saturday, December 18, 2010

Work as a team

With my colleagues , have to go some place where i have to stay there and part up with some one , make a team and perform the task they give us there and have fun, Now the place i went , saw Bhavna there and funny she asked me if i can be his partner.I said i could if i could. So any ways , i was involve into this and the game but then one day when i was sleeping just there in the window i heard that my mom came there searching me.

Similar gang , this time i hooked up with the small girls whom i am teaching how to operate the computer , laptop thinks that this is more of a soft porn movie .... but it is fun.

We are there in Kundalia's party and we are meeting couple of people there , mostly the hostel people. Wanted to meet shivalik and gang but was not able to meet them. People there are busy meeting and doing some planting for the nature which was good.

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