Sunday, December 12, 2010

Searching place to live

Place we are looking for the new room , so we saw couple of places and were suppose to decide where we are going to stay , among two room which we saw we have to decide. Rooms were okiesh but in one room , the land lord was a bit noisy and have so many rules there. so we were thinking that will not shift there , although we might not get the facilities which are there and not in the other room.

With mansih vinod and two more people , we are in the very new place with couple of teachers , here we are suppose to learn some lesson for our ordinary class. Vinod is happy because he never get chance like this. Then there was this huge photo clicking session , who should be have a photo session with whom. I was not enjoying all this sessions .

With Rakesh we are ready to go for a movie in which this song is there : koi sagar dil ko bahlata nahin plus there will be drinks as well.

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