Friday, December 10, 2010

Sandal and vortex

Kaustub is there with us in a meeting , and there are some domain which is been taken by people. Kaustub's sister has taken some domain name which is very cool , so the milk man said to him , if your sis were here he would have proposed her.

It is Raviji's class and we have to be there at certain time . me with Harish are there but for some reason / work we might miss the introduction class , but at the same time i want to see which all people are coming and what is happening.

The girls when i allowed affectioned is sticking with us now , when she asked what about the water then i said that there is no water and its a crisis now.I said its the way it happens. I said the universe what it to happen like this ,.

I am wearing the suit but the thing is i did not know that this is going to be happen.

By certain practice we can change our mood accordingly , so the idea is to utter the new thing which you want to happen wish deeply , and then something will start happening? At least this is what i see and wish to see more in this domain.

We are suppose to go to Pune and there are some preparation done before we actually go there , so there was this church and place where people live. So we went to church mass , after a while when the mass was over we all came out , but later i realized that my sandals are missing , met Harish and one other guy , we talked about the Pune and said yes that we are all going. There was some test sort of something , when we are done with it , Harish said that there is some issue and he might not able to come. Outside i met some people they were talking about how coming to mass and picking some extra work might help someone's career and said that people are mostly lazy and they make excuses for not working. Then i started searching my sandals , went back to the chapel where with me other people were also searching the sandals and shoes. Met there with Harish , he gave me a question to solver before i go to Pune , it was a motion of a particle in a vortex , with the motion of full eclipse many time , i thought i might have to take any point of the vortex , the mass and displacement of the point and integrate it through the start and end. It was tough one and i thought that its a good test. Then i start looking below the huge table where people sit and found that there are hell lot of sandals and shoes , dragged them outside , all and now i have my sandal .

[ So thee excuse i always make to not to work , buffers ?? ]

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