Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do your duty properly

Went to movie and also have said to Gajendra that i am going to book the tickets , went there and in the queue , no one is there ... after some time the ticket counter came , when asked about the ticket he said that it is sold , so i took a ticket of a movie which i thought is same , but later when i was watching it myself it is the same movie which i have watched earlier , when call Gajendra that are you coming , he said he will and did not turned up , i thank god that he did not , because this is the old movie which we have already saw.

Embarrassed to the core for not doing the duty properly.

There is this huge maha rally of congress , hell lot of people are gathering for obvious reason. I have decided to come for just his one. On the occasion of this event , i have thought that i will be coming to the venue at 3 hours earlier so that i can see all the drama happening thre. I came to venue for some other reason and saw that crowd is way too crowded and its 7 hours earlier and its already packed , i decided to push here earlier. Rahul gandhi is speech and his voice is low , after few minutes his voice become ok and his jokes people are not able to understand , also there is sonia gandhi with kids , she took charge after a while. This guys is writing a letter to his sister with a huge packet and also in the letter has ashed her to suit up.

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