Friday, December 3, 2010

Trapped inside the experiment

The fewer of el clasico is still on , this is still continuous. I in my book giving a sample of code , with my upcoming book coming on. So in he one of the article i am printing something.

We are watching a movie and then the chai wala serving us tea , he restarted the movie then people started shouting then i somehow pushed the movie to the place till people saw it.

When woke up from the dream i am trying to draw what i saw in the dream , it was four image in a piece of paper. Trying hard to remember the images which i saw in my dreams and making the image.

Thmapy and co team is deciding which club type is good and the people belonging to the groups mean while i am collecting how many people belong to certain category. and in which condition i can be on paper, at any one day of the week in local news paper.

I along with bunch of people are trying some experiment , in one of the cases inside the experiment i have to help someone in critical condition and i might get trapped forever also in the game. and i might get out as well. The exact rule i also dont know.

Conversation with satish sir about my two question , when is advance course happening , he said in his place and also he can tell me where he can go for the course , when asked why its not there in website he said nothing.

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