Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fly high and kiss the ground

Me trolling with my brother , we sitting at cafe and having tea . breakfast ... then all sudden i saw Shweta Singh passing by .... by pulling her hair i asked , hey lady ... where are you heading ? She said she is going somewhere and she is fine and life is good. I try to introduced him to my brother , but my bro said that he know Shweta and they know each other well. I did not recall when they met and how they know each other , did not asked how they know each other.

Huge chaos , everyone splitting and fighting. , so then someone started flying in the sky , in the same line , i followed him , and in the same path i jumped and woo hooo was in sky flying , so then my brother followed me , and we were flying up in the sky , i said to my brother , its only we left in the fight ... so its between us now. After couple of second when we have full confidence that we are flying , we both were down to the ground. I has gone through this so was cool , but my brother seem to be frightened. I said don't worry it happen , this is your first time so that is OK.

Met Sid and Laptop and Animesh Khan when i was going outside , asked how they are , Sid was a bit in hurry. Laptop told me that his business was going great and he has taken some break and is here with the theater company they ... showing some shows ans they did this in Chandigar and now doing here . and said that i don't come Delhi and not visit them. i smiled.

Satish sir in a meeting said , so how many of them are coming for volunteer , as there are many people in the list but now no one seems to have time for all this , i saw that i am not sure that i will be able to come or not as i give my first time priority to the group , and then i saw my reaction inside saying i told you not to mix two paths.

People doing experiment with dreaming for being in the same family , Patle was doing this , we born in the same family but was not brothers.

Lakshika me and few other people met in the meeting , tere is this new kid attending the meeting , but he don't come up for the sitting and actual process we just meet him in his way , then one day Lakshika said that today after the meeting we will do the one hour reading , i said i am not sure.

[ Conflict of mixing of two path still haunts me. ]

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