Saturday, December 4, 2010

What time difference

Travailing with Shashank the musiclovinguy in a rain , and where we are heading i don't know ... so before getting into the train , we signed some documents and verified our address , as if we get any courage it can reach at safe place. So in the journey , we keep talking about random stuff. In one of the station he told me that a couple were having sex.Bunch of people with us , and one group of people asked us what is the time , it was 2:30 .... after 2 hour someone asked time and when i saw my watch it was 9:30 , then i was shocked how come in the span of 2 hour the time changes by 7 hour. I explained him some logic which i don't remember . Then again when i met some other guy , i said him the same cause he was dealing with the same thing. Then when me and shashanmk were sitting together he get this letter from somewhere and i said , oh wow getting letter in the train , so cool.

Byomkesh bakshi is donating his sperm and its hilarious that he is recording message in his voice and a letter who ever is going to use this sperm for baby.and have booked cab every single day for this , i am shocked for a while.

Then behind our home at Purnia , waters are coming likely a wave like it comes at the sea shore , and i am enjoying every thing of it. Wow. Munna mama is there is Purnia , taking care of my grand father and grand maa ..... almost every day he drop them from home to hospital too see them.

A naughty guy throwing object on me with anger and i dint say anything ... he looked clam then.

During the journey , someone asked me my address , i knew the address but they have to write in the envelop .... i was telling buyno one was willing yo wtoiyr.

[The other day i was talking about time with Harish and not reacting exercise ]

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